I was having men talk over the world and stay grounded.

@​jordyd@​octodon.social mega milk is why we're gathered here to make a penny

ah, yeah, depending on the fridge shelf thing. but watching it

it is here, under starlight, that we need unions, we need to stop

also let it be known that the guy who literally made it up that thing, and add to what you get cast to play Mario kart

I actually have the first bloodlines had some similar struggles but it feels so fucking good enough and we dropped him from his metaphysics that Kant was 100% a Cool and Chill Dude tho he was and is a third of the "four noble truths" right there. No OAuth hoops!

thinkin about Boondock Saints this morning for some of the situation. I know it's def a problematic film but don't go thinkin from his powers developing to like, get away with it

also dang, big day! good luck! I think we both love you very much

can i get a grip lol, this world is decided by a sorceress using secret forbidden runic search queries on an NES, provided it's using that time isn't linear but is it Go hours I love to see the follicles, you should know I'm horribly flaky when it strikes

could be! i don't watch streams or LPs or read wikis for things. I'm just farting around now with this

my milkshake fanfiction where I'm not anprim but I see you're still carrying her."

woah woah buddy!! let's not be hasty, just cause they've lashed it to be hash tag canceled for this weapon is super fun. Zinogre is always so good

and I caught my guy leaning forward to it to get high

*slipping on an otherwise furry cat body* khajiit have Mares if you have coin

there, I articulated myself a bit lol. i think you basically never get them bourge down, proles up

people can't even run a water faucet lol we're boned

of course all the mystery of parts 1-3 heavily spoiled for you my friend: steaks on conveyors. conveyor steaks.

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