Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists take care of some Identity Europa trash left @ Academy & Woodmen

The fourteen YPG fighters who lost their lives last week while fighting against Daesh filth.Never forget.Never forgive.

November 17 -

Giochi senza frontiere ai giardini

Sabato 17 novembre Dalle ore 10 alle ore 12:30Giochi senza frontiere. Mattinata antirazzista ai giardini di via Montanaro (Torino)con punto info e tornei di ping pong No Border, tirassegno, piñata, birilli e tante altre sorprese…

MDB in Edinburgh plus Oí Polloi and Jock Sparra on 12th November. Over half tickets sold! - £10.00 tickets!

If you are Jewish in Britain and want to leave images of hope and resilience on your streets while supporting an awesome antifascist organization, consider getting some stickers from Jewdas.

TBT: Skinheads from West Brom on the streets opposing the neo-nazi National Front.  Real skinheads hate racist boneheads.

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