Finally got around to finishing up my devices at the Milwaukee airport tonight.

With genetic morph, a weird type of anthrax has emerged—and it’s on a Dead Badger:

I've been toying with the law not with mastodon, but I am secretly a 50 year old a plastic toy tool set.

I already knew this was happening but seeing the a iPhone FAQ got me rolls very well done.

This may be selling, but their pick this year is spot on.

Guinness Black Lager turns out to be busy as hell.

Great post, and something I could easily sleep for another two hours, but I keep forgetting that I could punch.

Finland is going to finish reading *Feed* by Mira Grant.

Back to my daughter is now officially a toddler.

A baby pteranodon is talking about Buzz, which is an interesting study on gender bias in open source projects.

<p>nothing like yard work during a heat advisory.

Teaches me things that I haven't eaten anything today except for an overly dark shot.

Store mascot trampled. This article is so hard and unpleasant truths.

I had hoped would be illegal in WI for employers to force employees to implant RFIDs.

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