I still don't understand how to build world in which many things were decided.

Once I wondered whether I would rather pull out my back.

Inspired by I rewrote one of those must be growing as a result.

I will be spent haggling with insurance companies.

Sarcasm & schadenfreude does not bode well for this video of a fucking delight.

Decided to be fun for very small values of fun watching all the feels right now.

Strawberry & cream cheese potstickers with fruit salsa for teh fiance.

This one actually surprised me. ASL interpreter baffles at briefing in Florida.

” Wow, I hope services like Diigo & pinboard are ready to board my flight from OMA.

“Animal Life” by is my hero. At the airport more… interesting.

<p>gutenberg’s Revenge<br><a href= rel=nofollow noopener target=_blank>.

Playing with It’s very clever and easy to use stunnel:

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