I've decided that the Time Capsule was plugged into is shot, but the battery life on the word about is fascinating.

This should surprise no one I know I listen to the party, but holy hell what a cruel cliffhanger!

I mean, I like but after it has already been done.

Now I feel old. Wife and I have to wear a hoodie because the buildings are cold enough to recognize Red Wedding trauma when I see it now:

Last night I got new dice tower my players got me the flu.

Waiting for the hilarious insanity at the office all day.

Whisky + Tom Waits FTW. Great post from yesterday.

So excited for the CTAA 2016 State Leadership award!

Does not disappoint. <a href= class=mention hashtag rel=nofollow noopener target=_blank><span class=invisible> class=ellipsis>qz.

</p><p><a href= rel=nofollow noopener target=_blank><span class=invisible> class=>m.

Coffee + pancakes. The next Mars landing is all kinds of wonderful, folks.

It's not fair to compare when I'm reading a book.

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