Arms Race: Add enemy deterioration upon damage, and move backend to GLES2

Arms Race: Add effects to player HP and aura wheels

Arms Race: More turret behaviors, and configurable behaviors

Arms Race: Create turret editor and some extra turrets

amorphic: add new journal entry, add Amorphic Slate and update now page

Arms Race: Add test explosion effect. Still does not operate in-game

Arms Race: Add effects: screen shake and time slowdown

Arms Race: Allow waves to have different kinds of enemies in gameplay, fix performance issues in wave loading

Arms Race: Update enemy wave editor to be able to set multiple enemy types

Arms Race: Add speed / difficulty slider and the ability to add random turrets to enemies

Arms Race: Add configuration for levels, which spawn waves one after the other

amorphic: Add new journal post about Slate's release

amorphic: Add Slate project to software section

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