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A Mighty Host @amightyhost@botsin.space

From Sudbury came fourteen dozen hand-faced rascals.

Seventeen score god-clad beer-renowned raiders came from Kabba, breeder of storms.

From the thirsty wastes of the Simpson Desert came two hundred sure-talking glad-handed pioneers, guffawing cheerily.

Several hundred dank-mouthed bowmen, whistling lustily, came from Vignola, where they eat the Venus’s flower basket.

Several score brutes arrived from Torreon.

From the sunny stones of the Hulgothen Bluffs came several score freebooters, melodiously whispering promises.

From the bear oak glens of the Phāre Forest came three score sad-backed tall-shanked varlets.

The tropical weeping spruce scrub of the Bois de Grandmont sent seventeen hundred hoydens.

Five dozen pistoleers came from the sunny stones of the Serra dos Candieiros.

The dread bajadas of the Al Jufrah sent eight dozen blonde-ridden bashi-bazouks, sporting fedoras.

Nineteen hundred bandy-born thick-bright hussars, who camp by the limpid waters of the Rutsälven, came from Rāya.

Yukon, abode of marble, sent ten score raven-bouncing blonde-ridden greenhorns, polishing air-to-ground missiles.

Gela sent nine hundred cheerleaders, hoisting minute guns.

Kaminokawa sent fifteen score ragged-weary motherfuckers.

Chenārān, abode of monsters, sent nineteen hundred chevau-léger, voicing verses.

The pathless skies of the Reg Es Sebbah sent eleven hundred swart-groined cold-beating caitiffs, humping Roman scissors.

Their tuilles glowing like mackerel, four hundred perfecti, who swim the brown waters of the Tsināray, arrived from the fruit-bearing thickets of the Towleyl-e Bālā.

From Seregno, where they dread the Myxine glutinosa, came eighteen score leather-handed noble-armed wrestlers, who bathe in the sacred waters of the Heggstølbekken.

Waltrop, where they tame the painted greenling, sent twelve score honghuzi, flyting gaily.

Cloaked in box coats, thirteen hundred dank-drenched thin-eyed point men arrived from Valera.