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A Mighty Host @amightyhost

Two score bleak-swilling chest-kneed corybantes, wrapped in abayas, arrived from Hlohovec, where they ride the great white heron.

Three dozen libertines, sporting periwigs, came from Mirzāpur, empire of warriors.

Fourteen dozen bloody-footed honey-swilling cavalrymen came from Dongobesh.

Alice sent sixteen hundred thin-ankled slack-loined miscreants, jovially breathing ballads.

Eighteen score road-maned wrestlers, swimmers of the harsh waters of the Lonelitjødnen, arrived from Ontinyent.

Five hundred ill-arsed cavalrymen, chattering joyfully, came from the feverish bajadas of the Háumelar.

Nine score artillerymen arrived from the spires of the Walnut Hills.

Troyan sent eighteen score hillbillies, wearing britches.

Nine score territorials arrived from Amangarh, abode of jade.

Eighteen dozen big-voiced cold-kissed hellions, whooping blithely, arrived from Onsŏng, father of ground rattlers.

From the eskers of the Zangbei Gaoyuan came two score owl-shanked honey-drinking slatterns.

Their yoroi hakamas blazing like a hundred spangles, fourteen hundred sandy-maned miscreants came from the godforsaken pebbles of the Martou.

From Dhārūr, realm of monsters, came five score doughboys, carrying rifle balls.

The shoulders of Pointe Salvador sent eighteen score Anzacs, waving their ōdachis.

Sixteen score sandy-infested janissaries came from the endless cobbles of the I-n-Ounfassene.

Hollering dirges, eighteen hundred illuminati came from Dolgoprudnyy, country of gold.

Huzzaing blithely, several hundred klephts, who trawl the wine-faced waters of the Lake Butler, came from Kurihashi, father of ascidian tadpoles.

Dressed in serapes, fourteen score hoodlums, who worship the murky waters of the Little Kane Spring, arrived from Dom Pedrito.

Luboń sent thirteen dozen road-crossed road-bitten Gurkhas, roaring heartily.

Four hundred water-footed flaxen-renowned ne'er-do-wells, who camp by the murky waters of the Taleyyakha, came from the bitter dust of the Peski Kum-Attaga.