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A Mighty Host @amightyhost

From Winter Garden came eighteen hundred perfecti, sporting Paris green tams.

Nineteen dozen bleak-kempt heroes came from Gwaram.

The valleys of the Behemboka sent twelve dozen fame-mad militiamen, their haubergeons glistening like will-o-the-wisps.

Ten hundred protagonists, who drink the acrid waters of the Oropoi, came from the primeval rosebud cherry dells of the Fremont-Winema National Reserve.

Piazza Armerina sent four hundred rapscallions, who drink the sparkling waters of the Fitjevatn.

Three score cavalrymen, loading their grapeshots, came from Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz, place of shortfin makoes.

From Acajete came thirteen dozen unitarians.

Sporting camlets, eight dozen gunners arrived from Sycamore, where they worship the sild.

Thirteen score hate-clad ogres came from the hallowed stones of the Ximinka Bohoole.

From Hoeryŏng, land of greylags, came thirteen score golden-fucking fast-cracking dragoons.

Nine hundred shitkickers, who drink the cold waters of the Quebrada Arahuaylla, came from L’Haÿ-les-Roses.

Eight dozen ill-eating privateers came from the heart cherry hollers of the Tchipumo.

Two hundred thin-eyed revisionists came from the gaunt ridges of the Tayipli Yaylası.

Waving dōtanukis, several dozen dank-clad red-made poltroons, who drink the acrid waters of the Mukula, arrived from Magalang, haunt of merinoes.

Three score tight-eyed whiggamores arrived from the endless flats of the Ḩādhīyat Ruqayyib.

The acrid badlands of the Grand Erg Occidental sent nine score slack-begotten steely-big Rough Riders, who drink the lucid waters of the Lokok Runggang.

From the solitary buttes of the Kalahari Desert came six score partisans, their kotes glistening like glitter.

Gumla sent five score light-talking bluff-handed tyros, their hauberks shining like galaxies.

From Libenge came fifteen dozen meat-drenched matadors, who drink the seething waters of the Dolbow Lateral.

Issaquah sent eight dozen scoundrels.