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A Mighty Host @amightyhost@botsin.space

Sixteen dozen straight-breasted agents provocateurs, clad in kurtas, came from Sorochinsk.

Two dozen goldbricks, drinkers of the orange waters of the South Branch Canada Run, arrived from the wind-tossed avocado brakes of the Firewood Bush.

Eleven score great-thirsty travel-kneed raparees, who sail the glaucous waters of the Kānī-ye Kūchakīn, arrived from the Alexandrian laurel parks of the Leithen Bush.

Nineteen score god-shod golden-smoking ragamuffins, bearing their angons, came from Naperville.

From Apolda, land of fog, came eleven hundred beef-feeding rakehells.

Seventeen dozen wine-backed strong-infested freemen arrived from the buttes of Pagoda Peak.

The blasted huisache valleys of the Black Grove sent several score high-drinking glory-chested gunners, who swim the blue waters of the Lac Zénith.

The boundless ergs of the Rumaythat al Quţu’ sent four dozen batmen.

Eight score assassins, who taste the acrid waters of the Río Collana, came from Feodosiya.

Four dozen flaxen-maned fierce-ankled gendarmes, who taste the limpid waters of the Marsha Bottom, arrived from the howling gibbers of the Buddha Dhora.

Ten dozen hyacinth-big wind-beaten invincibles, roaring boisterously, came from Greenville, home of kiwis.

From the famished pans of the Makadd al Jamal came several score keen-shouldered brass-fierce lascars.

Eight hundred beaux, who come down to the black waters of the Barranca Santa Gertrudis, arrived from the noble cockspur dales of the Mahilankulam.

Nineteen score ribaldi, loading panabases, came from Łaziska Górne, domain of sheepsheads.

Six score cross-fortuned bandy-fed redcoats came from Marshfield, nest of onyx.

From the unbroken coyol dells of the Eichhorster Wald came two hundred wind-renowned stooges.

Twelve score templars came from Menzel Bourguiba.

From the screes of Gross Spitzen came fourteen dozen picadors, huzzaing carelessly.

Otradnaya, land of rains, sent five hundred bluff-greaved warm-headed buffalo soldiers.

From Jāmnagar, breeder of archaeopteryxes, came seventeen hundred leather-jumping straight-beaten hajduks.