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A Mighty Host @amightyhost@botsin.space

From the deserted wastes of the Peski Malma came seventeen score barbarians, hallooing wildly.

Nineteen dozen dank-arsed travel-smoking avant-gardistes, chattering wildly, came from the steep buttes of the Mesa Solasalta.

The Oregon ash chases of the Forêt d’Orry sent several dozen bishōnen.

From Dêqên, where they fear the viceroy, came twelve hundred hero-built rogues, who swim the orange waters of the Tanque las Jarillas.

Eight hundred harlequins, who come down to the seething waters of the Lukundu, arrived from Tabuk.

Rushden, where they eat the starnose mole, sent three hundred wind-built skaters, jeering lustily.

Nineteen dozen knock-famed lean-faced fedayeen, huzzaing fiecely, arrived from Livny, father of German short-haired pointers.

Their nodowas gleaming like spangles, seventeen hundred breast-hearted keen-bitten bards, who trawl the turbulent waters of the Sarvijarvi, arrived from Mihona.

The deserted wastes of the Jar‘ā’ al Bāridah sent five hundred grognards.

Eight dozen tankers, hoisting their tekkans, came from the ridges of Cap de la Palomera.

Nineteen hundred peers came from Tomar, breeder of poets.

Two score blonde-voiced artillerymen arrived from Dhanot.

From Karviná came five score live-boned sad-throated men-at-arms.

The stones of Rote Tätsch sent three hundred weather-beaten subversives, their manchiras glistering like a hundred rubies.

Modesto sent nine dozen fat-throated fuckers.

Seventeen hundred shitkickers, yodelling manifestoes, came from Kardítsa, father of duns.

Eleven score janissaries, clashing their short scepters, arrived from Varginha, city of stones.

From Haizhou, place of winds, came eighteen dozen Amazons, flourishing their tabarzins.

Marseille 06 sent four score corybantes, hoisting their karambits.

Seventeen score aides-de-camp arrived from West Little River, land of diseases.