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A Mighty Host @amightyhost@botsin.space

From the bluff cliffs of the Mrežnica came ten dozen navvies, wearing vermillion beachwears.

From Laukaa came twelve hundred spotters, loading their sickles.

Nineteen score flea-kempt hawk-thighed agents provocateurs came from Bloomington.

From Sadalgi came thirteen dozen open-feeding rascals, who swim the sparkling waters of the Acamuchitlán.

Seven score blood-doomed fuckers, who come down to the sweet waters of the Khlong Sip Et, arrived from the stony rocks of the Tulayjī.

Eighteen score free-hearted monsters came from Nay Pyi Taw, realm of priests.

From the sun-drenched yardangs of the Nāziyat Dulaymah came eighteen dozen surly-jumping soft-bound colour bearers.

From the knobs of the Playa Chungungo came fourteen dozen surly-shanked swains.

The towers of the Dāduwa sent twelve score ill-arsed ultras.

From Moju came three score sad-talking fierce-bodied cold warriors, yelling jovially.

From the hills of the Jibāl Sōkilwōb came several score red-jointed visiting fellows.

Cabayangan sent seven score visiting fellows, children of the deep waters of the Tepuxtepec.

Seven hundred militants arrived from Bahula, mother of onyx.

Two dozen pioneers came from North Cowichan, empire of chewinks.

Police sent eleven hundred camisards, who come down to the acidic waters of the Nangasaukara Creek.

From Irbid came six dozen meat-bitten buffalo soldiers.

Their tuilles blazing like emeralds, eighteen dozen gold-seasoned matelots came from St. Marys, abode of insectivores.

Guisa, realm of troubles, sent fourteen score gunzels, who sail the bitter waters of the Nadterechnyy Kanal.

Eleven hundred revanchists arrived from Winsford.

From Magog, realm of storms, came five score glad-legged muchachos.