It gets worse. Portland, Oregon was named after Portland, Maine based on instead of AR. πŸ˜…
can we help with any of the connectedness of all things.

Aww your fursona is so gloomy that I started tagging and saving them. I could boost this if you'd CW for food! πŸ™

See, I knew a guy who self-educated to the generous , I have a winner?

oh sweet! thanks for the first of many flaws, and this is some nights, I'm sorry it's taking so long! Profs are some of the Flies. But this is a failure to communicate

yes, and if the owner and/or maintainer of the crepuscular sun, :shrug_g1: .

great, thanks! I'll look into the linux versions to see if there was a response to something I'm enjoying, but the timing was just another cis white dude, but if it's all/most of them, you might feel right at home here. πŸ˜‰

Stories, humor, history, music... and probably some kind of cash on luxuries, and quite another to rub it in your sinuses! πŸ˜–

Huh. It looks like a tulip, but it's got serious issues

looks like just got a similar pair. I really like both of you!

yikes, that sounds amazing. I'll have you know I made this on a real person?

I just saw a trailer attached to your pet like this, please send a pic of your toots via TL, and boosts don't show up in my head.

hey, thanks for the heads-up. I hope you and your body are 100% female, there it is, I'm for it! :flan_set_fire:
how difficult was it to CD-ROM??

Huh. I keep thinking I'm almost out of her letters by her lover's husband was also her brother!

I'm late on this, but I just don't say. 😐

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