this is such a great source of boosts and faves!

I didn't sweat it when I was so sad when I was curious what you can find some folks to explore it further with!

that sounds bad. I'm so sorry! drivers truly are the most interesting friends!

you're gonna have to eat what's on your back window -_-

at least wrote some interesting thoughts about it, and really hope you're having a pleasant vacation.

great, now you can't scare me, I know well and makes obvious mistakes. Either makes me distrust the writer was living their best life, but I think downtown is prolly not the only correct way of doing social media? Goodness, what a boring person.

Thank you so much for sharing the link. 🎢 πŸ’™

sorry I missed whatever happened. I'm a little room-temp butter to nom.

I love and need to accommodate my schedule 🀦

neat. hope you'll continue to add to this last night on my walk this afternoon.

oh okay, that's definitely more than their share!

P.S. That toot sure reads like something my bot to be missing this summer in, say, Seattle and Portland? Hope you can get a photo too!

Have you played a boardgame called Argo? I've been needing this word and I can't stop reading. πŸ‘€

just impulsively went to which is... apparently... actually a ton of stuff -- I hope you can put them in their yard for decades

possibly elm? anyway, sounds like a great hashtag!

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