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**Why It's So Hard to Delete Facebook: Constant Psychological Boosts Keep You Hooked**

"The Cambridge Analytica scandal is enough to make many want to leave Facebook. But here's why some can't quit the social media network. Here we go again: another Facebook controversy, yet again violating our sense of privacy by letting others harvest our personal information. This flareup is a big one to be sure, leading so…"

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I did it I deleted Facebook.

It meant leaving 1300 FB friends many writers, artists, intellectuals, scientists, old ARPA folk. FB published an analysis of each account's degrees of separation, Sandberg 3.2, Zuck 2.7 me 2.2. I could contact a friend of a friend and reach >a billion people. I kept in touch with family.

Not a hard decision, I won't be a patsy or a proxy for evil. When a dude actually changes his name to Doctor Spectre legally, you know he's a supervillain wannabe. :)