How strange. Today, once again, I suddenly find myself locked out of my websites. I cannot connect from my phone or my laptop. Both are on the same wifi, so both have the same IP number, and temporary 10min lockouts are a sign of fail2ban adding the IP number to the firewall rules. This usually happens when a single IP overloads the server. Hm… This does sound familiar.
Oh, here it is:

I’m liking the Forged in the Dark games I’ve recently encountered. I’m two sessions into a John Harper’s Blades in the Dark game with my wife and GM Jörg, did our first score, and I must have listened to thirty hours of Sean Nittner’s Actual Play podcast based on the YouTube channel based on the Twitch stream, where he plays with GM Stras Acimovic, Jenn Martin, Misha B, and Jahmal Brown, and they play Stras Acimovic and John LeBoef-Little’s Band of Blades.

Sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed because many of my creative projects are things that I can’t ever “finish.” Like detailing a fantasy world, or mapping the real world, or anything of importance, probably, projects are forever unfinished. It’s us humans that decide to add “Fin” to the end of track, but we all know the work continues. It is perpetually work in progress. Sometimes we just decide to no longer work on it.

The browsers I use…
Most of the time I use Firefox. I’m happy Mozilla exists. I’m happy there’s an alternative to Google Chrome. I’m super concerned that they are basically being propped up by Google as a shield, and a tool. They can claim that they’re not a monopoly, and Mozilla cannot be too outspoken about them. I think Aral Balkan is right: the big companies are everywhere, even sponsoring their competittion, thus keeping them weak and malleable.

It’s been a while. What am I listening to? Apparently I’m set in my ways. The new additions got dropped again. Currently I’m listening to a second RPG podcast:
* Actual Play is people playing role-playing games on Twitch and creating podcasts of the episodes; surprisingly, it works quite well
Old favourites:

I run a MUSH already: Ijirait. But what if we wanted to run a real game, with challenges, items to pick up, enemies to fight, lands to explore? Somebody would have to write it up. I’d be happy to turn it into a game. But I need collaborators who write up a cool story. Interested?

A few days ago I noticed that CAPCOM has become practically useless to me. Remember when @solderpunk reorganized CAPCOM a while ago?
> Each month, CAPCOM randomly selects 100 distinct URLs from its list of known feeds, and includes their content in its output. This makes it a nice way to discover new content in Geminispace.” – CAPCOM

Early Internet protocols were simple. In order to make a request, you contact a machine on a particular port, and send some bytes, terminated by a carriage return (CR or \r) and a line feed (LF or \n). We can simulate this using echo and nc (netcat) to make these requests ourselves.
This is a request for user information using the finger protocol. Here, we’re sending a name to the server. The response is plain text.

I finally finished the rewrite of Phoebe I had mentioned on The Transjovian Council (where most of my Gemini activity is). I think I managed to achieve some goals that had always eluded me with Oddmuse, my longest running project (a Usemod fork I started back in 2003!).

I’ve been editing a new podcast episode and I’m not so happy with the process right now.
Here’s the three effects I apply in Audacity:
* Click Removal (Threshhold 200; Max Spike Width 20)
* Compressor (Threshhold -12dB; Noise Floor -40dB; Ratio 10:1; Attack Time 0.2s; Release Time 1s; Make-up gain)
* Truncate Silence (Level -25dB; Duration 0.3s; Truncate Detected Silence; Truncate to 0.3s)

Boars as pets for orcs, giant boars as mounts for dwarves and halflings, and demon boars as protector spirits of a forest.

Jupiter is my “river of news” style feed aggregator, ostensibly for the web. But I just tried the following: you can provide it with a HTML template to use; and nothing prevents you from generating gemtext in that template!
This could be the “alex-gemini.html” template. Unfortunately, the “.html” extension is mandatory for both the file to generate and for the template to use.

Elpher is my favourite browser in Emacs these days. There’s a fork I’m maintaining over here, which also adds deeper web support, registering it as the right browser for HTTP links. This prevents the switch from Elpher to Eww (my default browser in Emacs). When that happens, you can’t go “back”, you have to “bury” the Eww buffer in order to get back to Elpher, and the history doesn’t work, and Eww bookmarks are different from Elpher bookmarks... This Elpher fork also…

I like wikis. I develop and maintain wiki engines (the software), and I run wikis (various sites, including this one). Whenever I dabble in new protocols like Gopher, Gemini, or Spartan, and whenever start using a particular markup language some more, I think about how one would integrate all this into a wiki.

The other day I posted something about drinking tea on Mastodon and got two replies by people who didn’t know how some people prepare green tea. It reminded me of myself, many years ago. There is no straight forward way to learn this as there is nothing to teach you in the supermarket and I know I don’t look up every item I buy in the supermarket online. I mean, it’s tea, right? Tea is easy: pour boiling water over it, wait for a few minutes, and drink it!

This makes me angry. People are all too ready to accept facial recognition in software, not understanding that there reasons we might not want to be tracked. I’m guessing there are many reasons for this. On the one hand, most people really do feel like they have nothing to hide. Perhaps they feel that way because nobody is asking them the question face to face. If police offers were to ask them every now and then were they were going, perhaps they’d feel more uneasy…

I’m enjoying my read of “Breaking Things at Work: The Luddites Are Right about Why You Hate Your Job”, by Gavin Mueller. The point about Taylor I had heard on the “Thinking Allowed” podcast episode I mentioned in 2021-07-08 Marvelous Pursuits:

From “Alienation, Marvelous Pursuits and the New Nomadic Sciences”, by an anonymous author, written in 2001, sometimes a bit exaggerated, but sometimes exactly right.

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