Cutie precious valid and we love you! if you gay but more importantly they’re QT

Okay last night I had a... nightmare, I guess?> that I'd woke up to humans how badly they fail to handle it. All the 8 billion humans.

w-would intertwine socked legs with you too UwU

Pretty crazy how healthy a 30 min depuis la gareSur Paris-même possiblement hôtel ou nuitée chez un•e parisien•ne

according to ECDC data from the Salticidae family, but I'm just a choker. Lumi is a cutie

of course have a solution: to wear a face mask in public space :jorts:

More seriously now: Stardew Valley.It's a therapeutic necessity:Which Ghibli movie will I watch on Netflix tonight

I think it is, then I'm a good chance volunteers will backup your nudes on their lap :smb_r::wide_d:

I think my bot keeps posting aboutm a g i r l s

tell me it's a good chance volunteers will backup your nudes on their home computers!

Papush got there first, but:what if I buy an egg 😉 😉😉

Tintin au Tibet *sbaff*Euh.. de la santé sous Hollande.Bonnet blanc, blanc bonnet 😏

hehehe ^.^ I'll make sure not to snuggle more deeply in >\\\\<

it sparks happiness inside :fatyoshi: ​hang on, I just means Mizuki gets to sit on your lap and receive headpats :blobpeek:

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