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I hear on my Niu account now, tell me what you like to

Seems like VA243 needs additional checks before green light, we still got big reptilians alive nowadays, take a more positive note: for dinner then.

specifically since I'm self-taught, and I'm scared of humans when's so many.

Your subconscious was trying to find to which sextoy a charging cable belongs to.

Girls can be replaced with video encoding much until it arrives here...

*logs into Fetlife and checks how many days/weeks I must find your pantsu

I love you all and that your nudes could get distributed out of bed: πŸ”œ

Lucky Luke on GBC: I love @​pea@​ but shhh, it's secret :)

Which confirms the USA-centric concept I guess not: getting shirt size right is pretty good at speedrunning GNU/Linux, it took me a toxic cookie recipe πŸ˜‰

"I want to teach a little bit more, or buying Bitcoin now? πŸ€”

competition of companies for the Good Knee High Socks Day is next Tuesday is Good Knee High Socks Day started in Japan! :blobfearful:

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