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And I've tried to know which chords to play and I've tried to make it rhyme
And I've tried to find the key that all good songs are in

Well my great grand-dad he died of cancer,
From smoking too many cigarettes.

And let's mark our territories and get good at telling stories
About our long-strived glories that aren't true

Your blood was spilled on the couch where we had first kissed
So I carried you west to the sea so I could wash you

And I'm glad he took those pictures of me
I am glad my daddy didn't love me

Just like a stupid fucking tapeworm
Who can we blame?

Now I am worried for you
And the well being of your family too

Good is the absence of evil
And evil is the absence of good

And you're in fight-or-flight mode
How's the world so small when the world is so large?

Will buckle me beneath the weight
I will drive myself insane

The coolest kid in school
Well I've traveled millions of Marlboro miles

There's no one to love, there's no one to trust in my life
Sometimes I get so lonesome I can't breathe

I wanna live in a bubble
I need a getaway car

All you people that I know will have died long ago and your children will have died 10 years before
Whoa, Whoa, Whoa

You punch the mirror to shut him up but he won't go away.
He just multiplies, intensifies, he's twenty tiny blades.

We have to save the world and bathe ourselves with love
Because love is all we need

So thank you so much for not raising me
You spent your life on better things

Taking things from those better than me
Pathetic little man with some pathetic little dream

I said I have faith in my fellow man
And I only hope that he has faith in me

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