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And I don't know if I am capable of helping anyone
I am at the mercy of emotions of my better friends

I would meet the great creator
And I would punch him for teaching me how to sing

You don't deserve yourself
You don't deserve yourself

Just stop believing (stop believing)
You can stop believing, stop believing

And I only hope that he has faith in me
I said I have faith in my fellow man

Even though he hit me everyday
And he tried to hang me with a belt once

I guess you could call me lucky
I need to confront my own weakness

I'll take a whore with syphilis,
And gonorrhea too,

And you pissed blood and then they chained you up when you turned blue
Your body felt just like a T-shirt

And after school he hangs out in the abandoned house behind the Arby's
I am the camera that watches you

Hate and kill
I'm gonna set your son on fire

And by the second grade, I had my classmates hooked.
And in the fourth grade I threw a big crack party, everyone was invited

Understanding life is meaningfully worthless
The world was born to kill all the Jesuses

But I'm still just as broke as when I started
But that's OK because smoking makes you cool

When you kissed me on the cheek with a gun
I became a setting sun

I leave it alone or fucking flip it
I'm a straight white male in America

I saw white worms crawling out my nose
I watched white worms falling out of the skin

And then I grabbed the knife
And I let the blood out of your throat

When a tree grows there, I want to chop that tree down
Build it into a boat and float it in a lake

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