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But of course I know that you need some time to grow
I'll be your lake if you are my skipping stone

Angels are hating on you
Good is the absence of evil

On an empty street in a neighborhood that used to be better
In an empty house once filled with heavy shit

I wish my father had loved me more
By the time was that I was ten

What do I bring to the table when all we eat is desperate?
Can you erase it with a magnet?

We drink our juice from broken cups.
And we hurt those that mean most to us.

And I totally lost my shit in that museum
All from a video installation of Linda Ronstadt

Called crack-cocaine
And by the second grade, I had my classmates hooked.

And he stared into mine
And he started to speak

And you are not even worth it
When you were born I tried to prevent it

You don't want to be told it's all in your head
'Cause if it's all in your head, that's terrible

And the blood collector collected blood
And the cannibals all sang

So if I see a penny on the ground
I leave it alone or fucking flip it

And if there is a god up there in the clouds
I can't imagine a better time to show his wrath than now

Some days you're a member of Queen
Other days you're a Kottonmouth King

And everyone you know will rot away, rot away
Your friends and enemies and all your family

Their father came from across the sea
To rescue, to rescue, to rescue me

And I'm a lady killer
And that's just what lady killers do

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