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And hold the same connotations as two
Let's wash the taste of blood out of our teeth

Breathe deep 'til you're drunk with glee
Breathe deep 'til you're drunk with glee

Turn the safety off
Squeeze the trigger and rock

That's exactly what you wanted us to do
You wanted us to lead you on

He had a white face, he had black eyes
He had burns all over his body and he was right

Stick, stick, stick to your guns
And don't quit until you feel like changing them

And our love creates a power plant that generates this world,
And if we stop now then we'll just disappear into oblivion

'Cause I'm gonna take your life
You find me quite charming

And get good at telling stories about our long-strived glories
That aren't true but sure as hell resemble the truth

At any hour, and the police don't do a thing
So if I see a penny on the ground

The first month after you left, I drank and jerked off till I slept
I went to work when I had to and then came home

And my love, it has sight
Even though it may be a little cloudy

I'm not going to bother
I'm going to lay on the ground until I die

In that sad, sad place they call LA
Take it away, Nick. Do a whistle solo.

And lets mark our territories
And get good at telling stories about our long-strived glories

Oh my god there's scenesters everywhere
With their hair gel and their vintage t-shirts

Take my pride, take my life, take my body but don't take the ones that are close to me
Oh, do with me what you want, but please don't hurt my family, don't hurt my family

Wishing you were sleeping, you don't want to leave the house.
Dripping from your dreaming of a habit you renounced.

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