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When I learned about the tragedy of all of us
I lost it when I learned about the tragedy of all of us

No more drugs or immune systems being weakened
Just happy times and half assed rhymes and mimes

And every kick
And every rock that hits my back

Can you erase it with a magnet?
There was a chainsaw fight. I saw it at the water park.

And feast on my liver and rot out my teeth
And chew on my eyeballs until I'm deceased

Don't do anything for yourself
I'd hate to see it happen to you

That's exactly what you wanted us to do
You wanted us to lead you on

The truth in me grew brighter, my nature and my nurture
No more shame, no more fear, no more dread

Open up your murder eyes; see the ugly world that spat you out
Hellen Keller to the bullshit

If you have love in your heart then who am I to judge you?
If you have love in your heart then no one will rise above you

You've been singing songs for all the wrong reasons.
For reasons you're not at liberty to say.

I'll be your lake if you are my skipping stone
I will be your jacket if you're stuck out in the cold

Your body felt just like a T-shirt
And I wanna build a tower to all the nicer things you could have been

And I don't think that I can take it
And I don't think that you can take it

But I must confess that he did quite profess
To being the coolest motherfucker I ever met.

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