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And those drugs made my friends rot away, rot away
They say Jesus saves but Jesus doesn't care

What do you have hiding in that sarcophagus?
What do you see? Every pattern looks like a swastika.

But I've got an angry heart
Filled with cancer and poppy tarts

In the hopes that they will too
I'd like to think things through

No more cryin'
No more sighin', lyin' or dyin'

She talked to my mom
We had a real long talk

I recommend it highly
So if I see a penny on the ground

And I don't think that you can take it
And I know he sure as hell can't take it

You can shout it from the roof-tops
You'll be preaching to the choir

I'll take a whore with syphilis, and gonorrhea too
But darling, I love you

I wish I were a little less of a coward
But the big red bird that lives under the city

In the days before the damage human beings were the ones that did the chasing
Open up your murder eyes; see the ugly world that spat you out

Balls deep in reality
I spend all my time getting strung out on life

And we totally ripped off a man named Woody Guthrie
And I bought a restaurant for his son named Alice

One for the hard drugs in my body
And two for the bad drinks in my tummy

Breathe deep 'til you're drunk with glee
And love

I wanna give a shout-out to the innocent bystanding
And out the corner of my eye

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