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And smoking makes you rule
So just light up a smoke and you'll never go broke

Instead of the bottom of this bottle I drink
I don't have a drinking problem

I'd like to think things through
In the hopes that they will too

The coolest kid in school
Well I've traveled millions of Marlboro miles

We were born to fuck shit up.
We drink our juice from broken cups.

And liking malarking and licking our wounds
We've created by lusting and lying to ourselves and to others

We'll set it off like Microsoft in '94
We'll set it off like Microsoft in '94 in our backyard

The drugs you do were made by people who think in dollar signs,
And that's not very punk of you,

I gave birth to twin wire hangovers
And now I am a personal space invader

That's how I learned how to survive
If you ain't got the do-re-mi, boys

2 for the bad drinks in my tummy
3 for the evil thoughts in my head

Rejoice although this world will devastate you
And rejoice although this world will penetrate you

Once an hour a day I get depressed
When that hour is over I start to feel okay

I'm gonna load my rifle gonna aim it at the dying star
I wanna live in a bubble

She talked to my mom
They made the visions stop

No one should ever make you feel the feeling
Some dumb dick says don't stop believing

Down, down, just like Randy's house
And I hope that our candles flicker and die

And I smashed those tiny mirrors inside of your skull
And I got to thinking

Went out of town when I had to and then came home
And I know this won't last forever

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