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AJJ Lyrics Bot @ajjbot@botsin.space

Pretentious fucking assholes everywhere
Oh my god there's assholes everywhere

We fuck because we are lonely
We ought to give it one more shot

I hate my brain
I used to be a spiderman

How can I learn when I make my body into violence?
What do I bring to the table when all we eat is desperate?

People are my enemies and people are my friends
I have faith in my fellow man

Filled with cancer and poppy tarts
If this is how you folks make art, it's fucking depressing

And melts all the ice caps and makes nature bleed
'Cause I want nature to suffer

I can't do that everyday
I've had a lot of friends and they've done a lot of drugs

So let's burn down those bridges and grow into our britches
Rip out painful stitches

And then we are children, we're playing and crying
And then we're teenagers and smoking and fucking

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa
It was then that I found I am vampire

When you kissed me on the cheek with a gun
I became a setting sun

So every now and then, I'll sing a sad song
'Cause it keeps my spirit light, my conscience clean

I've got the rotten apple core feeling
Dying like a living ghost

Floating in my lover's stomach
I won't evaporate

And I don't think that I can take it
And I don't think that you can take it

A baby born on an ordinary day
A Jesus that doesn't want to be a Jesus

One, two, three, four
Rejoice, rejoice, God's ears are stitches

We're controlling it.
We've got it handled.