Girl you know I'm sorry I haven't been the best support
But darling you know that I love you

All you people that I know will have died long ago and your children will have died 10 years before
Whoa, Whoa, Whoa

I was manic at the clinic
I was feeling like my body disappeared

So I'm glad my daddy didn't love me
And I'm glad that he tried to kill me

Show me your scars
Show me your flesh wounds

He said, "If you spend all your heart
On something that has died

First we are babies, we're birthing and dying
And then we are children, we're playing and crying

All day and night, so please just put me out
All day and night, day and night

People love you more, oh never mind, oh never mind
In fucking fact, Mrs. Robinson

And I've unlied my lies
And now I'm adorned with a clever disguise

And there is nothing I would rather do on this terrible fucking day
Than break, break, break my bones

You will die soon in the ball pit
I'll leave you unsupervised for a minute

He's here from out of town and I heard he's got A.D.D.
We'll climb the tallest branch with a rifle full of dreams

Now I am worried for you
And the well being of your baby too

They all had been slaughtered by a website-making man
With music in his heart

And if I had a hole to crawl in, I would be there and be dead
You were spilling all my will out

I'm afraid if I go on I'll outwear my welcome
I'm not a courageous man

And we hurt those that mean most to us.
And then we crumble, fade to dust.

No, nothing ever made you complete
Golden Eagle

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