And I'll be your medication when you're sick and tired and old
And I'll be your umbrella if that roof just won't hold

Hate and Kill
1 for the hard drugs in my body

I wish I had more money than I have
And I know that's not punk, but I need to pay my rent

Great Illustrated Classics
I took it out on a fig tree

Now I can see the playground through the trees
And I can see the playground from the trees

Your mother, she called bullshit and you ignored it
But nothing ever made you complete

I don't have a drinking problem
Don't have a drinking solution

The awful glow of enmity is trying to stop my shine
So I try to look inwardly at all the things inside of me

And then we crumble, fade to dust.
Then we crumble, fade to dust!

Puking out the window,
Repressing things you can never know.

You were told it was probably your fault anyway
But when your Hustler subscription and your Xanax prescriptions make you feel lonelier instead

Lightning bolt oh lightning bolt why don't you strike them down
For what they did they deserve to be a black spot on the ground

If you treat me like a son, then I'll treat you like a daughter
Everyone has a future, everyone has a soul

Well God made crack and God made booze
God made the human race to lose

With heroin and meth and even weapons
And when you came out I said goddammit

I guess you could call me lucky
I need to confront my own weakness

And I'd like to build a giant machine
That crushes the mountains and burns all the trees

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