People are my enemies and people are my friends
I have faith in my fellow man

To cover up swastikas and the names of the girls that we called sluts
I am the Total Gym

Would I have done what you did?
Would I do what you have done?

I will be your jacket if you're stuck out in the cold
And I'll be your medication when you're sick and tired and old

The truth in me grew brighter, my nature and my nurture
No more shame, no more fear, no more dread

With smooth ground so the stepkids can do their kickflips
An ugly wave in a sea of ugly flatness

I've got the rotten apple core feeling
Dying like a living ghost

It's full of sentences you can't comprehend.

Let's make the most of it
'Cause life's too short to fuck with

Oh, and I have also wondered if that baby lives his life, what kind of life will the baby lead, and will the baby ever be happy?
No, his heart will be bloated and swollen, just like his soul

Come place to ???
And all the girls have implants

I was throttled to the ground
I was locked inside a basement

Your Madeleine L'Engle (s) and D'Aulaires' Mythologies
And in a montage that could warm the heart of Hitler

And my back, it will grow achy
I will buy us an acre of some land in the city

Rip out painful stitches
And make beauty for the sake of sanity

But now I never feel at home
And I will never be secure

You spent your life on better things
You would have been an awful dad

You will die soon in the ball pit
I'll leave you unsupervised for a minute

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