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Whoa, Whoa, Whoa
It was then that I found I am vampire

You're helpless and hopeless
You want to help out the homeless

I'm afraid if I go on I'll outwear my welcome
I'm not a courageous man

But that's okay because smoking makes you cool,
And smoking makes you rule.

And my mother had enlisted in the army
I wish my father had loved me more

And what makes you think you can be be so neat?
And what makes you think you can be so beau-ti-fic?

They came for fame
And they've got holes in their brains

You're drinking for 2
When skylar got out of prison I was worryin about you

I'll commit the mortal sin.
Then God will punch me in the chin.

If you want to listen to the devil's music (I saw white worms)
You should probably listen to the devil's music (I saw white worms)

And then I grabbed the knife
And I let the blood out of your throat

To take the newly undeceased
I was the softened gaze upon a child of God

From the wind
What makes you think you can be so terrific?

I hope we catch up with each other on this track
And I've been thinking awkwardly about the things that are holy

Fuck white people!
(Fuck white people!)

Four for all the people that I wish were dead

How dare you try and fuck with me
No, you don't want to fuck with me

Lady killing is a curse
I just killed a nurse

Hate and kill
I'm gonna set your son on fire