If there's a god in the sky
Or a devil below

The Michael Jordan of drunk driving played his final game tonight
And burdened by his loneliness he wanted to feel alive

Like I said
I used to work at the people pound

2 for the bad drinks in my tummy
3 for the evil thoughts in my head

I'll leave you unsupervised for a minute
You make drugs look like candy

It's really getting worse.
I'll give a thousand apologies for a thousand hurts.

If you have love in your heart then who am I to judge you?
If you have love in your heart then no one will rise above you

I'm mad at you
But I'll find you inside of someone else

All this betrayal and violence
And it lives inside us all

And maybe that's not healthy,
Maybe that's just plain fucked up,

Oh god damn I hate my brain
I hate my brain I hate my brain

Oh when the saints go marching in
They will feed you so much pizza

I want to fall in love
But I don't love anybody

Show me your flesh wounds
Show me your heart

In that sad, sad place they call LA
Take it away, Nick. Do a whistle solo.

Never late a day he's been faithful and true
Putting out the tombstones and digging down the graves

Now I'm lying on the ground not making a sound
Thinking I love you the most

All you people that I know will have died long ago and your children will have died 10 years before
Whoa, Whoa, Whoa

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