I'll give a thousand apologies for a thousand hurts.
The forest is on fire but we're gonna let it burn.

You're helpless and hopeless
You want to help out the homeless

I don't want to be like you, but I'm still rooting for you
You've got nothing I hate but got something I loathe

Goodbye, oh goodbye
You were perched atop my shoulder

So come along, let's get murdered!
Lets go to sleep and never wake up!

So just light up a smoke and you'll never go broke
And you'll be the most popular kid in school

Hate, rain on me
I wanna put on my sweatpants

All thanks to Linda Ronstadt
I almost made it through a year of choking down my fears

The world was born to kill all the Jesuses
There's something big and powerful and wise

And run over by herd of angry buffalo

Well I've traveled millions of Marlboro miles
But I haven't gotten anywhere

Have you ever wanted to be
Have you ever wanted wanted to see

No one clutches their purses when they're in a room alone with me
And I can drive through any neighborhood I please

And I'd like to think things through
And I wanna have a big heart

I like to be liked by people I like
I love to be loved by people I love

Oh my god post-hardcore kids everywhere
With their violence and pomposity

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