Now I am worried for you
And the well being of your family too

If the bridge that I was driving over
Collapsed while I was driving over it

I took it out on the crates
And on the shopping carts

They had a white face, they had black eyes
They had burns all over their bodies

And I will always appreciate bad days like this
Because they grant me a point of reference in regards to my happiness

That doesn't matter to me
'Cause I see Satan's face when I look in the mirror

And he tried to hang me with a belt once
And he took nude photographs of my body

When the hate train started
Going "Choo-choo."

Turn the safety off
Squeeze the trigger and rock

And melts all the ice caps and makes nature bleed
'Cause I want nature to suffer

We're all one big band across this land and we should sing in tune
Let us grow the balls to break the walls

And qualities that are unique
And traits I find attractive in other people

I've got too much stuff
I don't make enough

Oh to be secure
And when you pushed my face in shit

What do you have hiding in that sarcophagus?
What do you see? Every pattern looks like a swastika.

We gotta get him in the van
But what if he resists?

Everybody is afraid of me
And people freak me out

And why didn't Mirah come to Phoenix?
Because the modified is too small

And there is nothing I would rather do on this terrible fucking day
Than break, break, break my bones

A baby born on an ordinary day
A Jesus that doesn't want to be a Jesus

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