Love what you can, love what you can till it dies
And let it lie

The older I get, the better I am at lying
The more friends and family I have dead or dying

But I've got an angry heart
Filled with cancer and poppy tarts

I'm either too happy or fucking sad
And I can't keep up with that

But on a second glance you kn-n-now you did it
You killed a man and you wrote a book on birds, but still

Rip out painful stitches
And make beauty for the sake of sanity

Yesterday with a big gun
Lady killing is a curse

The coolest kid in school
Well I've traveled millions of Marlboro miles

And the marquis is too big
And the complex is rightfully dead

No, his heart will be bloated and swollen, just like his soul
Too big to fit in his body

I have fangs fucking 15 inches long
And the sanguinary sweetness of stealing someone's blood

You were spilling all my will out
I was bleeding my last brains

Shoot him again 'cause I can see his soul dancing
I'm gonna miss this place

Oh my god there's assholes everywhere
Pretentious fucking assholes everywhere

But at least we're saying something,
And I hope that no one is listening,

I'm afraid that the ones I love won't have enough
It's harder to be yourself than it is to be anybody else

But there's a bad man in everyone, no matter who we are
There's a rapist and a Nazi living in our tiny hearts

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