Pathetic little man with some pathetic little dream
I hope you all can forgive me

And it's begging us to end its tragic life
So let's be Temple Grandin for the night

Goddamn, I'm glad that I survived
Goddamn, I am surprised that I have survived

His tongue became a staircase, his uvula - The knocker
Of an ornate wooden door that lead me straight into my future

I am the guy that eats at least 50 chicken wings
At an all you can eat buffet

And I love to be loved by people I love
And I hate to be loved by I hate

I hope someone can help me
Make some sense of this

God is obsolete
Oh my God thinks my jokes are funny

But most of all I want no more tears
No more bad times

Talked to a girl in first hour
Bought her a CD, bought her a flower

You're a cancer causing, cancer having slob
Whoa, Who-oa, Whoa

And I've tried to find the notes to make that great resounding din
But there's a bad man in everyone, no matter who we are

And welcome to this world
Have as much fun as you would like

I was a pregnant mother
I was the tears shed for the ones that die believing

Faces will always be hungry
And I don't know if I am capable of helping anyone

And what makes you think you can be so intelligent?
And what makes you think you can be so far away?

That's 'cause smoking makes you cool
And smoking makes you rule

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