And burdened by his loneliness he wanted to feel alive
His laziness built the pyramids and his solitude was a knife

And I recall how bad it smelled
And I hated everyone around me

So I carried you west to the sea so I could wash you
Your body felt just like a back pack

And I wished that you were ripped apart by herd of buffalo

Lightning bolt oh lightning bolt why don't you strike them down
For what they did they deserve to be a black spot on the ground

He's here from out of town and I heard he's got A.D.D.
We'll climb the tallest branch with a rifle full of dreams

But I haven't gotten anywhere
And I've made a million dollars in Camel cash

And you are a dirty bird with a mouth full of dirty words
And I wished that you were ripped apart by herd of buffalo

And I can drive through any neighborhood I please
At any hour, and the police don't do a thing

Yeah darling I love you.
I love you like the moon and stars,

I know my place
I was a baby killing Cadillac

So that our hearts don't burn to the ground
Down, down, just like Randy's house

I hope I can feel warm and full
Stand with honor, and comfort, and dignity

It is made by babies who've been captured
It's a sin against your fellow man

Take my pride, take my life, take my body but don't take the ones that are close to me
Oh, do with me what you want, but please don't hurt my family, don't hurt my family

And you'll be the most popular kid in school
The coolest kid in school

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