And what makes you think you can be so great?
And what makes you think you can be so intelligent?

The sparkle won't shine if you don't feed it light
Balls deep in reality

With heroin and meth and even weapons
And when you came out I said goddammit

They call you dirty names
They fill your head with shame

I lost it when I learned about the tragedy of all of us
Incorrigible illness in the loved ones hidden out of us

Your blood was spilled on the couch where we had first kissed
So I carried you west to the sea so I could wash you

I'm free from my words
I'm free as man whose out wandering the streets

But now I am just a boy
Pretentious and brash and bold

And I think you think I lost it
And I think they think I lost it

A pretty girl with broken wings is all that I desire
But there's so much hostility in all the things surrounding me

You make drugs look like candy
And you are not even worth it

He won't be the greatest parent
But neither will you

The Michael Jordan of drunk driving played his final game tonight
And burdened by his loneliness he wanted to feel alive

And though that may feel nice
I can't do that everyday

That conflict with anals, that believe in angels
Angels are hating on you

We fuck holes in the world and fuck everybody else
We fuck because we are lonely

I've got an angel dying on my shoulder
I've got the devil dancing in my heart

And you have no fucking purpose
You're a cancer causing, cancer having slob

Let's make the most of it
'Cause life's too short to fuck with

I don't have any big, lasting plans
Too cowardly to take a stand, I want to keep my nose clean

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