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What makes you think you can be so pretty?
And what makes you think you can be so great?

Mainly you wrote those fucking songs to drive me away.
And when you go to bed at night you're a skeleton.

So I'm glad my daddy didn't love me
And I'm glad that he tried to kill me

When you were born I tried to prevent it
With heroin and meth and even whippets

The Michael Jordan of drunk driving played his final game tonight
And burdened by his loneliness he wanted to feel alive

I've got an angel dying on my shoulder
I've got the devil dancing in my heart

But on a second glance you kn-n-now you did it
You killed a man and you wrote a book on birds, but still

Whoa, Who-oa, Whoa
There are morals that conflict with orals

And I've made a million dollars in Camel cash,
But I'm still just broke as when I started.

God made dirt, but dirt don't hurt
God made dirt, but dirt don't hurt

A hug without a human is all right
We'll find a friendly way to make it die

Hope like a hole
Tail between my legs

I hope we meet up later on down the line
And sense and sensibility and peaceful productivity

God made guns and God made knives
He ruined all these God-made lives

And run over by herd of angry buffalo

This never ending pursuit of happiness
Is getting harder and harder to accomplish

And our vices make it bearable enough,
To know our lives are shit, but to not give a fuck.

I wanna rock out in my dreams
I wanna rock out in my dreams

So I bought a knife
I am a knife