I guess we gave you what you needed
So, you're welcome

I will take your teeth
But I'll hold out for a while if you please

I'm afraid that my dog doesn't love me anymore
I'm afraid of the social laziness that let Kitty Genovese die

Pour a couple of my ashes in the concrete
Build a bench, 10 feet long, 12 inches tall

The Michael Jordan of drunk driving played his final game tonight
And burdened by his loneliness he wanted to feel alive

Come place to ???
And all the girls have implants

I broke my promise on a very sharp rock
And I was possessed by something quite unfriendly

I wish I were a little less of a coward
But the big red bird that lives under the city

I made your brother bleed
I made your father scream

Feels so good I am compelled to sing this song
At night when I retire to my coffin, to sleep for a hundred years or more

You loved your country enough to support it
But nothing ever made you complete

In a nearly empty bed inside a nearly empty room
I learned it

And if you don't want to feel the feeling,
No one should ever make you feel the feeling

And burdened by his loneliness he wanted to feel alive
His laziness built the pyramids and his solitude was a knife

No more SUVs and no more Hummers
No more racism

You don't know what you're worth
You don't recognize your valor

And I'm just a buffalo, what else could I possibly know?

But most of all I want no more tears
No more bad times

Hate and kill
One for the hard drugs in my body

To a person more deserving one day
If all I see is the worst in everything

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