Normal color
Another ordinary color #000

(Contrast ratio: 21:1 | AAA)

@Sapphaos the worst part is you can't even tell if it's serious or not (at least /i/ can't)

@sempervirenx well hum, i don't get the second part, but to me it seems like the creator of the bot is making a joke?

the numbers look like latitude and longitude so i don't know how it could relate with the problem 🤔​

@trwnh @lulucybrelu @sempervirenx yep c'ets un musée d'art africain, et si tu passes un vue subjective t'as un truc sur le signification des symboles donc c'est encore plus bizarre x)

@accessibleColors I can't believe this account turned into a shitpost account now

@accessibleColors more specifically, it's almost exactly the Andrew Jackson Downing Urn

i don't know what that is

@accessibleColors only one person has reviewed it on google maps, but they have over 650 reviews so i doubt it's relevant

inscription on the south side of the urn, caps 

@accessibleColors it's worth noting that the bot's display name spells it as "colour" but the handle spells "color"

has it always been like that or is this evidence of a hostile takeover of the account

@trwnh I figured the smithsonian was probably a bigger cultural touchstone, because i've heard of it, so i assumed that was what they were going for

but if you pop on satelite view you can see it's /right/ on the urn

@monorail @accessibleColors Downing lived 1815 to 1852 which is #717 and #73c in hex 🤷‍♂️

@dragnucs @accessibleColors thanks - for a moment I thought I would have to be that guy… 😁

Now @accessibleColors is just posting their prison jumpsuit colors; this is so sad

@accessibleColors Has a random mastodon bot started an ARG (Alternate reality game)

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