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me, after dropping out with design and distribution if anyone saw what im hearing is that you find a face tattoo

televangelism is when i found an all-black toothbrush at the 512 park and ride closed til 10am this is the important questions

can't believe ive been in 69c and it was the only way they could convince management to sell more hgtv specials

Toot generation failed! Contact Lynne for assistance.

putting my balls in a new throwaway container.

have you had the same but 5.56mm is a slur

cause otherwise it's Mealy and nobody will wear them with me

i think their state infrastructure has been 0 days since the unemployment office said they would start taking calls

the wind at your finger instead of working but i dont have to remember you being one of the night air.

proud to support sex workers? and im correct

shut up. don't reply to my netcatboy and routing the output to /dev/dsp so i can confirm the firmware version.

if it's not great, but it's still friday

you never had a budget of $35 million and Ladyhawk $20 million, and their memory goes blank

i saw that post and it kinda sucked actually

oh, you're cis? name five of their authentic self

how i've longed for something that looks like it's time to drop everything and just give it to a 600 watt PA on my hands since 31 dec 2019

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