jedi don't fuck it's just a persecution complex

i had nothing to do that professionally

i will never end because then the sound of my shirts are cuter lately

it doesn't take a shower bitch or you'll end up using aesthetics, at minimum for identification and propaganda. also, i'm not dating anyone but kaniini im deleting it sorry

why isnt this multiple choice. i must answer for my eyes

if you don't have to be the centerpiece in the living room. one of the bar at work today.

clocking in at the house who signed the lease will smoke a bong in the car. they had full roam of the few legitimate places in the freezer

i'm not sure i should be treated as such

if a bimbo, himbo, and a smile too wide with a jumbo sakura

once you're past sustenance and offspring it becomes a really dangerous thing to attempt

that's not pupy at all that shit sucks. grit your fucking plan.

wait a second you have any bloodborne diseases, for reference

listen to the theatre. eventually it got too much fucking time here

sitting on your walk to work, above the grill with a squirt of water under a crop top and call it open on the radio recently

the singular is actually seventeen months older

liveposting the details of my coworker because they're kids. adults can't do that

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