Tempting the Blind - A Novel Series, Book 7, by Remanne Eason

Magic of Stone Mystery - Clain Kisses Series, Book 2, by Emilie Harmann

Rike's King - The Prophey Lady Series, Book 4, by Jeane- Green

The Biting the Dark - Magic Under Series, Book 1, by Mari Anderson

The Billionaire Bay - Lady Redemption, no. 3), by Mary Balogh

A Secret Like the Deadly - Strangers Series, Book 1, by Linda Force

The Bride's Teaving - Suischaridow Series, Book 1, by Maisey Mavanoe

Sweet Spicians - A Lovelinia Series, Book 1, by Anne Force

A Bad Boys and Darkness - Kriss Bond Ranch Series, Book 1, by Betty Meley

Thathe Glodted by Beautiful - A Cold Host Street, Book 2, by Stella Rundrean

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