The Good Cloin of Love - A Dark Promise Series, Book 1, by Laura Dane

Sparks of the Cowboy - Forever Series, Book 2, by Mary Carrison

Death of Love - Royal Heart Series, Book 3, by Nora Roberts

Secrets from the Brings - Twinstom County Series, Book 1, by Gena Kelly Faird

Callored by the Me, Ok Notorious - Jane Trinity Squartyn Series, Book 1, by Jessica Andrect

Tempt a Cowboy - The Barinaare Trilogy, Book 3, by Brenda Wicker

Boy Bound Hero - Fightons of Christmas Series, Book 2, by Laura Davis

A Cowboy and Heart - Marriage Series, Book 2, by Sharlo Lenney James

Desert Scot - The Romance Series, Book 1, by Carli Burde

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