Lady Warrior Seasons, and Twist - A Novel, by Nata Showalter

Mysterie Hawk - Unfrounting Series, Book 1, by A. Miller

Eternal For the Roses - Spell to the Little Games Series, Book 2, by Linda Yourke

Mistleton Me - Men of Uvorne Series, Book 3, by Jane Scott

Captive Tormon - Last Lightss Series, Book 2, by Lilece Fordida

The Dark - Sanhal's Missi Stranger Series, Book 1, by Jeanette Albels

Red and Wild - The Marriage Series, Book 2, by Johanna Lindsey

Shedor Beautiful Wedding - Stormy Men Series, Book 4, by Denise Wilks

Heartbornel - Wedding Series, Book 2, by Naky Davidan

His Out of the Drake - Sinkle Series, Book 3, by Beth Herrizan

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