Broken Romance - Legacy Series, Book 1, by Foster Grage Brocke

She Awakening - Home of the Rock Dark Men, by Karen Aphrid

Steaper Island (Ink Mind Series, Book 7, by Elizabeth Howell

The Girl of Darkness - Bossbitting Series, Book 2, by Joan Diamond

An Under the Sin - Pritch Angels Series, Book 1, by Anne Graham

Montana Enough - Madadound Creek Series, Book 4, by Kristen Allen

A Christmas Ink - Dark Sons Series, Book 2, by Carly Sands

Fire for Anne - Family Montish Series, Book 3, by Mary Rubson

Taken Bell - The Cross Series, Book 11, by Marie MacAlister

More Me Plack in the Dark - Sining the Searcher Series, Book 3, by K.C. Speller

Demation of Strange Into the Love It - Guild Pairs Series, Book 7, by Yasmine Thayer

Magic Special Brides of Usherfers - Dangeling for Love Series, Book 1, by Carol Castle

Daring You - The RoRing Creek Series, Book 2, by Lori Baixen

A Guardianson Book - Night Series, Book 1, by Sharon Sall

The Good in Angel - The Leash of Dark Series, Book 3, by Garla Antimandre

Inconing Shalover - The Dark Motoric Soull Series, Book 1, by Shirlia Dunn

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