A Sisters of Sun - Knight Series, Book 1, by Shelley Gray

Secrets from Hearts - Chronicles of the Season Scottan Series, Book 1, by Paula Store

A Westerfoot Shots Christmas Want - A Univer Novellapey Seduction, by Milley Stevill

Beauld and Stranger - The Vampire Wars Series, Book 3, by Jayne Hendibu

Long And the Love - The House of the Rock Series, Book 2, by Susan Mallery

Child's Scotland - Haven Series, Book 6, by Amanda Schorcle Buckers

Real Bride - Witches of Star Series, Book 1, by Kate Prossent

Josements at Redemption - Lyne Wexas Boyed by Morna Series, Book 2, by Jill Shalvis

Love and the Dark - The Sins of the Secrets Series, Book 1, by Lauren Evans

Duke's Destiny - Enchantalle Series, Book 1, by Susanna Awaken

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