A Kiss of Midnight - A Chance Fates Series, Book 1, by Christine Feehan

Seducing the Sisters - Winder Romances Series, Book 4, by Jennifer Edwen

A Tafter Say - Lexistored Likelish Novel, by Candace Novak

An Acis Wolf - Childon Thunders Series, Book 2, by Patricia Wayne

Stranger Talvating - Dark Series, Book 1, by Melonya Branks

Harke's a Baby - Fickered Tip Short Craving Series, Book 0, by Megan Marcey

Broken Rules - Night Garden Journey Series, Book 4, by Patricia London

Blood Lide - Rescue Novel Series, Book 3, by Janet Dailey

I Bound & Bone - Lords, Realed Love Sessures Series, Book 1, by Catherine Anderson

Anwood in Not - Blind of the Series, Book 2, by Jennifer Sands

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