Reassuring meme carriers that they are still good people.

The mind whisk not working when you do it to yourself but a vibrating one might.

Figuring out what the German equivalent of Elvis is and instantly becoming a millionaire.

Citing your doctored document on Wikipedia.

Missing the rest of the conversation because you were trying to find the perfect emoji.

Guessing that a higher intensity means a higher ratio of reps to jogging.

Doing creative work in private because you're not good enough to do it publicly.

Just making the thing and not caring how you make it because it just doesn't matter.

Being the de facto authority because everyone else knows even less.

Draining the entire pond to grab all the prawns.

Telling your wife something a week ago and then finding out it's a myth and having to correct her on a podcast.

Being really impressed by somebody's child-rearing technique.

Two wooden reeds tied together like a duckbill creating a much smoother sound than a wooden reed resting against a hard surface.

Betty Boop's apparent sexiness being like reading Shakespeare and not knowing what moiety means.

Thinking of a red cube on a white background.

The cost of getting more than one kind of value out of something.

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