A plant deciding to get tall where the sun is and reinventing wood. (Ep.58)

People in the 1940s just talking like that actually. (Ep.32)

Going into work each day with the intent of trying to get fired. (Ep.48)

Toddlers discovering the front yard. (Ep.22)

Putting money into Gene Autrey's savings account. (Ep.4)

Making friends with a kid who always says lines from Duke Nukem 3D and learning to say them yourself even though you've never heard of Duke Nukem. (Ep.64)

Sometimes logging on and making $0 and sometimes logging on and making thousands of dollars. (Ep.20)

The correspondence between the simplicity of vocabulary and the speed of spoken language. (Ep.33)

Translating a text that is full of French puns into English puns. (Ep.18)

Things people expect you to be good at when you're a park ranger. (Ep.65)

Eating hardtack from the American civil war in 2016. (Ep.80)

Feeling better about your anxiety disorder because the world has gotten worse to meet your mood. (Ep.31)

Going to a web site about bag clips and not seeing anything with a spring in it. (Ep.63)

Eating your weight in salt every day. (Ep.70)

A very American Truck Simulator approach to playing an open world game. (Ep.55)

Explaining to schoolchildren that they used corn husks to wipe before toilet paper was invented but the children don't know what husks are so they assume you mean corn cobs. (Ep.27)

Soundproofing a shed by adding 2500 pounds of sheet rock to the walls. (Ep.47)

Demonstrating to your children that authority figures will lie to you and laugh about it. (Ep.61)

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