Getting really good at a skill and then computers taking your job anyway.

Developing problem-solving skills long before you develop a sense of ethics or self-preservation.

Betraying the concept of music by putting it in advertising.

Games which give you value that you can take out into the world.

The delight of somebody who is really excited about stuff.

Taking a bite out of a cartoon bird and leaving a tooth-shaped hole, like a cookie.

The ant colony that has entirely taken over the bathroom, who are all named Roy.

Trading your oral health for the opportunity to make weird troll games for a living.

A village of Rube Goldberg machines retriggering each other forever.

Always paying attention to whether you feel slightly lighter now, because that means gravity is starting to reverse.

Having an animated gif of your cool death on your tombstone.

An experience that you had that is in the past.

Getting to sing in a room that's made for singing in.

Changing your real name because your pseudonym is better.

Thinking an effect is a digital filter but it turns out to just be the mouth opening and closing.

A physics solver that does mixed rigid and soft body deformation.

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