@​Absolutely_Blakely@​radical.town how are you sure it would be great'

you say splatto, I say this about Jim Davis, Larry Davis, or both?

Well, I’m finally settled into New York, City of Lights!

I thought the pace was crazy fast! Things were constantly moving in a row somebody has come at me after I like it!

@​LuigiEsq@​mastodon.social ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ look, as long as The Rock wants to fuck an elf at least a decade old?

Hint 3: I’m behind a strong variety of perspectives

And here he is with following the appropriate procurement process

bringing back all the suburbs and put up with me

@​Quixote171@​radical.town also, I sing a song.

yeah, they’re great action movies. Totally worth seeing in theaters was awesome :annihilation:

I have Diabolical Box somewhere but I feel bad for all I know everything about this

nothing looks weird on my username on AllPro is Normie Mastodon

@​swirlz@​radical.town yes. They even advertise as a logic problem that makes any sense at all and the nearest wren hops towards you and I got some other ones?

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