After 2019, any zombie movie that’s released will probably feature deniers, conspiracy theorists, and maybe even anti-science fringe groups. For authenticity.

You can legally kick out your own child at 18 with nothing, but be forced to take care of another adult you want nothing to do with after divorce

It was biologically impossible for Edward to have sex with Bella, as he doesn’t have blood running through his veins.

Given that early humans were vulnerable to predators during sex, at some point in our history premature ejaculation must have been an evolutionary advantage.

Crouching repeatedly in video games is probably one of the most recognised and universally accepted gestures of peace.

The skin on your lips is the same type of skin as the skin on your butthole, and the skin on the inside of your cheeks is the same type of skin as the inside of a vagina, so…. Mouth=butt pussy.

Contrary to popular belief Tattoos are one of the most impermanent types of art since it only lasts as long as the person is alive.

Worse than being disabled is being invisibly disabled.

Using 'half a dozen' instead of 'six' is a good example of how complicated human beings are.

“If your umbrella has a hole in it, expect ridicule from those with no umbrella at all.”

technically the lgbtq+ community can just be classified as the Q or queer community

Our bodies produce so many substances..... (liquid waste, solid waste, oil, sweat, blood, hair, nails, earwax, snot, saliva, semen, tears) We really make a lot of stuff.

Since all you have to perceive the world is your senses and ultimately your brain, you have no proof that your consciousness didn’t just make up your entire life experience, including the idea of your brain itself.

You wear shoes to protect ur feet from the terrain but you wear socks to protect yourself from your shoes.

When you walk into a 7-eleven you wouldn’t think it’s a 18 billion dollar company

Hogwarts was probably built over an ancient prison, that would explain the dungeons

Gen Z might have been the last generation to know what it’s like to get up early in the morning to catch you favorite cartoons on TV

Holy water in a Humidifier is the most efficient way of ridding a house of demons

When you leave an open book facing down, you are using the earth as a bookmark.

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