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The Sound Of Bot

Collecting the sound of electricity with a banana being unpeeled

The sound of a light switch, humbly

The sound of silverware with excitement, faintly

Mixing the sound of folding and a pillow, casually

The sound of stirring with circle, with reverb

Dreaming of fighting moves, inverted

Dreaming of reversing the polarity of the neutron flow, falsely

Mixing the sound of a musical instrument and a record needle skipping, faintly

The sound of the window slamming shut

The sound of slime without Orson Welles, in stereo

Mixing the sound of tarot and camera shutter, joyfully

Making the sound of shoes and pneumatic tubes, muffled

The sound of the color blue, falsely

Collecting the sound of alarms with elevator doors closing, in the rain

Making the sound of cracks in the sidewalk without chains