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Today is the day! So thrilled to finally share these songs with you. My first solo album - a collection of 9 songs (PLUS a bonus digital-only track).
Listen and download and tell your friends and share at iTunes or Spotify or whatever you listen to music.

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Yahoo! RT @katjaherbers: Thank you for your patience, Canadian @evil fans..! We have finally arrived on @paramountplus in Canada 🇨🇦 Season 1 and 2 are available now

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Evil. If I don’t put this here, I’ll forget it.
Eva, Legendary Forest Monster: Fall of the Rebel Angels, ivory sculpture, unknown Italian maker, c. 1700.

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I love the Streaming Channel, but I wish it weren’t so idiotically wed to the director auteur theory. It doesn’t list writers even when what makes the movie notable is purely the writer—such as Robert Towne, or Ben Hecht, or Billy Wilder writing for another director.

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Happy birthday, Moogie! Wishing @iamandreamartin(who played Quark and Nog's mother in 's "Family Business") a profitable and wonderful day.

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We had a silly idea for the ending of a Good Wife episode and we contacted Mr. Bogdanovich, explained it to him, and he happily agreed. We had no Plan B and he was a perfect sport to help us out. Love him as a director, but also love his acting. We’ll miss him.

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Proud to share the screen with you… RT @katjaherbers: Thank you @EW for putting me on this list that also features @boburnham whose INSIDE saved me a few times over. @evil

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Woody Guthrie’s list of 33 New Year’s resolutions from 1943. 29 of them work word-for-word for my list in 2022.

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Ok. I’m speechless. Amazing. Since politics is part of everything now it is worth noting that genius and creativity are always stomped on by the autocrats. They know the link between freedom, joy, liberty, creativity and music. That is why they always come for the artists.
Rex Chapman🏇🏼: The internet is undefeated. Take a two-minute break…

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That is awesome! RT @Allright01: My friend surprised me with the coolest puzzle for Christmas!!! 🍍💚
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