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We are READY! Seasons 1 & 2 of @evil are now streaming, exclusively on !
Evil: Are you ready for more Evil? 😈

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What can I say? I have great agents. RT @RKing618: Kurt Fuller, demonstrating his acting technique.

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What color would you guys suggest getting signatures on this beautiful poster by @thew ? I’m leaning towards blue or white but I don’t want it to just blend in and not be seen well. Ideas?
Getting Ax(Jake Bullet) on it this Sunday and @TheKurtFuller later via @LeeLooMultiprop

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Re @MrTonyMaurizio @BillyCrystal @BarringtonStage @BackstageOL David Paymer is incredibly talented and a wonderful guy!

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Re @PsychMovieFans Actually it IS the best Paych movie yet! Could have used more Woody, but hey… What couldn’t use more @TheKurtFuller ?

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Great movie on a shoestring budget. RT @two75publishing: @TheKurtFuller im currently watching miracle mile, i always loved that movie

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: Michelle made this observation and I think she’s right. How little cursing there was in the doc. It’s there, so it hasn’t been censored. We just curse so much more now. I think I will give it a rest. No cursing for the next seven days. I swear.

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Great to hear this! RT @RKing618: Pure joy. Eight hours of the Beatles preparing for a live (cont)

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30 seconds later. Just before the medic stepped in. Fourteen stitches between them.

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