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The Bot of Mormon @TheBotOfMormon

Therefore, &c., and things to come will I show them, "Brother Romney, and thou shalt be cast into prison."

Tonight, go and buy a good blanket, seek their own individual wealth, he said.

In their mutual frustration, in meekness, you know that Lehi saw a rod of iron, and they have their peculiar ideas of heaven.

A majority may form a quorum when circumstances render it impossible to be otherwise—otherwise we will perish in the land.

You see, suddenly and without warning an enormous snowstorm hit us.

Yea, not because of your iniquity, and thus, saying: Be fruitful, spotless, and it was done.

If two things exist, and I will receive you.

There is a potent power in life that will solve our problems, and before Elijah which should come, does Russia want war?

Therefore it shall come to pass, and they were supported by those who sought power and authority over the people.

Savings in food budgets come by pennies, and to ask his direction and help in the labors of the day.

Someday when we get to the other side of the veil, he will not know of this in mortality because of the condition in which he lies today.

And she added, today, some of us may find our lives laden with frustration, it was rather late when I left my office.

And I beheld that he went forth ministering unto the people, as I said in a former commandment, and to none else.

He is a light, Bishop Wirthlin and I served together in a seventies quorum.

They are taught to shape their own opinions, my friends, who holds the torch of leadership.

Your destiny is to do that very thing, prepare ye the supper of the Lamb, make the beds, as Brother Romney told us yesterday.

He fled from there to Kirtland, verily I say unto you, would be present at the mission conference.

We need to replace stories, is a big-time ski enthusiast, she believed that.

And that which I have promised I have so fulfilled, to be on center stage in life's little dramas.

O ye wicked and ye perverse generation; all these gather themselves together, and call on his name in faith, were put to death.