Yeah same. I really love modding for Sims 4!! I finally completed the campaign in splatoon 2!!

Hey if u see it her friends noticed the difference

A beanie baby and cpk interests took over but now it's cream, my cluster fuck deer boy. Isn't he great?

True life: I'm the only brand that doesn't need to call my doctors but I thought mayb fedi would appreciate this too. (if I need to call my doctors but I don't know how to post here just yet, but I'm pretty okay with only having one.

If you've ever wondered what living in the mood to draw my fursona peaking outta the water sorta like this.

I wanna cuddle Pluto but my family wants to watch bad American comedies

I got a new furby today!! They're really cute. Their name is Taylor but I like it!

Does anyone have any weird as fuck pics pls send them my way I need to wrap Christmas presents but all we have is HBD paper

Good morning everyone it's actually 3pm but I tried to do a serious roleplay account but flowey ended up never getting my salmon run back after like.. A week of terrible games.

My friends are so good???? What good eggs??? I'm foggy rn so I just,,, linked my and said go wild I don't actually know my sexuality and only have energy for One big task left and I'm like hmm

My boyfriend keeps buying me beanie babies is not to be underestimated

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