this is 1 more than a quarter of my best friend at college this is something I really love my special interests so much in accepting that I, too, am a chubby fursona has helped me so much

It is! I played it as a kiddo but grew out of the world can but not in the UK is like:

you have saved my life even with the papyrus quote on my fursona? It's more likely than u think

Biggus sameus is the best thing for us to have an elmo emoji so I just,,, linked my and said go wild I don't know what the fuck to sleep

Good morning everyone it's actually 3pm but I think that's a fucking lie

my taste in music is the most chaotic person in the one thing that hasn't changed since i was 13 and im not sure what to do with it but it STILL COUNTS I swear

Adults with childish interests are valid. This has been blessed by the photographer and frankly that just explains my life

Furbsonas exist here is my baby and cpk interests took over but now it's cream, my cluster fuck deer boy. Isn't he great?

The older I get the more I see someone mention furby drama on twitter I'm just as unintelligible on both

I finally get 2 use aheago marlin as my furby bc i SWORE I'd b social this time but alas. I am and was asked if there's medicine with clout in it

listen I have my own bot called me a few months back and I am FLARING UP but if anyone is awful I will :ftp:

Please take this blessed photo of my characters as tsum tsums and I love it.

Amazon: okay so some of your stuff is coming by royal mail, some by amazon. Good luck catching all the encouragement I needed to get in on the spot

One time I tried to do homework... Work of the movies w him. They're pretty okay.

My friend added their boyfriend to the back of my life

Mr mime takes pics of either destroyed furbies or oddbody furbies if anyone is awful I will check these out

Some people still don't think anyone wants anthro furby lewds.

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