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This is Star Hill.
Wishes, which are anonymously DM'd to me, may be posted here.

The bot that grants wishes is moderated, so any harmful wishes won't be granted.

Content warnings do get copied in, so be sure to use them.

Let's make the fediverse an even friendlier place. ♥

I wish I could stop giving up so easily. I know that I know how to fight for things, I've fought for things before, so why can't I stop just letting things I care about slip through my fingers?

i've finally found an outlet for my creativity, and it's where i least expected it.
i hope other people can feel as expressive as i do as an artist.

i wish i had told her earlier
i wish i couldve had the courage then
i wish i couldve stopped her
i wish things werent so hard now

i want her to have a bright future, and finally get to live the life she deserves to have

I wish and hope with all of my heart that my friends will keep an open mind/are willing to listen to me.

I hope she can transition how she wants and gets to finally be who she is.

i hope i do too.

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