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This is Star Hill.
Wishes, which are anonymously DM'd to me, may be posted here.

The bot that grants wishes is moderated, so any harmful wishes won't be granted.

Content warnings do get copied in, so be sure to use them.

Let's make the fediverse an even friendlier place. ♥

I wish everyone had someone who made them feel as happy as my girlfriend makes me feel.

🌟​ - Service Update - 🌟​

A critical star in our wish-granting constellation has suffered a hardware failure, and we are working to get it the help it needs to recover. (We are above the cloud in more ways than one.)

As with all our outages, all wishes that are ⭐​ Favorited will be granted in an order determined by lottery as soon as service is able to continue.

May all your dreams come true,
- @lifning

I wish I could find a place to live. I wish apartment hunting wasn't so complicated and unfair.

Bugs, food mention 

I wish moths could eat so they'd live long, fluffy lives!

I wish I could be in the biggest, most wholesome cuddle-pile the world has ever seen.

🌟​ - Service Update - 🌟​

As has been returning 500 errors for the "favourites" API endpoint for a few weeks, our diligent wish-granter is unable to retrieve the list of approved wishes for rendering.

Rest assured that all wishes that have been ⭐​ Favorited will be granted in an order determined by lottery at the time our access to the favourites service is restored.

May all your dreams come true,
- @lifning

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