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This is Star Hill.
Wishes, which are anonymously DM'd to me, may be posted here.

The bot that grants wishes is moderated, so any harmful wishes won't be granted.

Content warnings do get copied in, so be sure to use them.

Let's make the fediverse an even friendlier place. ♥

I wish I could actually write my novel, but I keep freezing up whenever I go to do it. I think I'm so afraid of failure that I just can't.

I hope you all can find out who you are and come to terms with that.

I wish I had more spoons per day. I can currently count them on one hand.

* Someday, I'd like to climb
this mountain we're all
buried under.
* Standing under the sky, looking
at the world all around...
* That's my wish.

Me? A wish? Oh, no, I'm just a starfish. Don't make a fuss, I'm trying to blend in.

I hope all of my friends have a better day today and that they know that I love them a lot <3

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