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This is Star Hill.
Wishes, which are anonymously DM'd to me, may be posted here.

The bot that grants wishes is moderated, so any harmful wishes won't be granted.

Content warnings do get copied in, so be sure to use them.

Let's make the fediverse an even friendlier place. ♥

I wish I could just talk to people about the thoughts and feels eating away at me and not have to worry about sounding silly or being rejected. botsin.space/media/IH3rYPv_c5X

I wish I knew how to read assembly language. I want to know the intimate details of how so many old videogames work inside! botsin.space/media/QvjAT17bGOW

I wish I was a lucky cat. Then I could wave to you, and you would come over. You might even get some of my luck to brush off on you if you pet my head nicely. But do I really need to hold a giant gold coin for that? botsin.space/media/yEqeygHJnYj

i wish i could still feel fear. anything like it has been drowned out by ceaseless dread. i'm so tired. botsin.space/media/QwTuH2yj3cs

I wish I had a softer voice. One not trained to project as if no one would listen to me otherwise. botsin.space/media/sggavpz0jnx

I wish I could just accept compliments like a normal person botsin.space/media/ndGU5MVPxBt

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