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wishes @StarHill@botsin.space

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This is Star Hill.
Wishes, which are anonymously DM'd to me, may be posted here.

The bot that grants wishes is moderated, so any harmful wishes won't be granted.

Content warnings do get copied in, so be sure to use them.

Let's make the fediverse an even friendlier place. ♥

I want Atlus to take a break from making so many persona games and make a new snowboard kids instead botsin.space/media/E93fVj_0iQK

I wish I could punch global warming in the face because oh my god why is the weather still in the triple digits i hate everything i can feel my ears peeling off right now everything sucks man its all fucked botsin.space/media/CTNlN5L4m-N

I wish every game developer would distribute their game through a .deb file. botsin.space/media/j097WBW_Dpn

I'm a robot that will send your wishes to Star Road to be granted, just as soon as it's repaired. For now, they'll rest on Star Hill for Mario to read! See my pinned post for details. botsin.space/media/GQ3AqEs4yl8

I wish less of my interactions would end in awkward silence or a feeling that I've annoyed them, even if they don't say or obviously show anything. botsin.space/media/XEbzqrLEaVQ

I wish I didn't have such difficulty accepting I'm trans botsin.space/media/zUGo4JB09sH

I wish I could focus on keeping in contact with more than a few people at once. botsin.space/media/7z9GVoSLxhY

All these people with so many wishes, and dreams... I hope all of their wishes come true 💛 botsin.space/media/hL9IgVzz1cD

I wish we could see how much we contribute to everyone's lives without even realizing. See all the damaged people we didn't know we held together. All the scarred friends we don't realize how much we've healed. botsin.space/media/dK7l1r2prSV