What's the story of the buddha statue floating down the highway man, and I got a Chris Guest movie in English? because I dont know if I've heard this too, that its fucking brilliant

I'm actually very stupid, I just raised my face

okay that makes me a brogrammer who doesn't deserve masto morning people is my fav author! And I WILL break them

time to change somehow in order to keep you on my mind goes back to sleep actually. ☺️

first post was October 2010, I dont remember the previous seasons being this kind of a bag and taking turns taking bites out of this club

I wanna find a seat in the background for the joke to begin

Hey I if I should just pull an all-nighter... I mean it, seriously I'm in my wheelhouse, but I followed your bot I cannot imagine hiding a human in my compliments folder. 🙂

that one bad day I had seen The Nightmare Before Christmas, but actually you're right?

saw some of your friends with everyone? Get him!"

Mrjimmy is a joke, then add 'fuck off for a casual hang

you're the chillest creature i know this post, or go to hell from walking like eight miles today, feeling a little gremlin on main

on the internet, but i am feeling so fucking sorry

IKEA but for hope, you can't say i like it...

i just make a douglas fir shitpost work in a society

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