(LEONARD) I went to Provo Museum today. We saw a tiger, a hippopotomus head and you could look right in his mouth and a giraffe neck tummy and heads. We saw seashells, bird. We went upstairs and saw sailfish hanging on the wall. Their heads were still on and the tails weren't cut off. They were whole. crummy.com/writing/postcards/1

Dear Leonard,<br /> Hi! I am at the Anaheim Hilton for the conference, but I went to the Disneyland shop to get you this postcard and a treat. I love you. Da. crummy.com/writing/postcards/1

I took Leonard, Susanna and Jesus Marroquin to Disneyland today. It was a beautiful day - cool in the evening. Jesus has a broken foot (Sat - playing basketball at the church) so we pushed him in a wheelchair all day. We had quite a good time - stayed until 11:00 PM. crummy.com/writing/postcards/1

Dear Frances,<br /> I am having quite an adventure in Stockholm. I came here after spending 2 nights in Amsterdam and 2 nights in Copenhagen. The train ride was very scenic with the trees changing into their autumn colors and the lakeside villages. I stayed last night in the home of a batty old lady who picks up tourists at train station and rents them a room for $20, including breakfast. He… crummy.com/writing/postcards/1 -of

EXPO 86 VANCOUVER, CANADA<br> Participation of Switzerland <p>Photo: A huge wrist-watch 25 m high characterizes the Pavilion <p>Swiss means of transportation are known for their reliability and punctuality crummy.com/writing/postcards/1

Leonard and I visited the Page Museum while Frances and <strike>Leonard</strike> Susanna went to the Art Museum.<br /> We saw the BYU movie about the dinosaur finds at Day [?] Mesa. Leonard was really impressed. He talked of nothing else all day. "I saw dinosaurs in the movie at the Museum!" crummy.com/writing/postcards/1

We've spent 3 days - fun-filled days! in Death Valley. Leonard and I climbed to the top of this sand dune on Thursday, and again this morning. We all really had a good time. crummy.com/writing/postcards/1

Susanna, Leonard and I took Frances and Rachel to the airport today. They went to San Antonio, Texas to see Frances' sister Anne Walch and her family. Susanna, Leonard and I are going to have some exciting experiences here. Frances will be gone on Sunday, April 22 which is her birthday and Easter. I snuck her birthday present into one of her suitcases so she won't know, but would have it for her birthday. crummy.com/writing/postcards/1

We all went to Disneyland. I went on Dumbo and the merry-go-round and It's a Small World. We had a wonderful time. crummy.com/writing/postcards/1

Monterey Aquarium was our last stop on our way home from a 4-day vacation. It was super. Everyone really enjoyed it. crummy.com/writing/postcards/1

I flew up for 1 day compliments of STC. And a great waste of time because no one here knows anything about the 6100 laser printer. crummy.com/writing/postcards/1

To the five Richardsons:<p>Hello to all of you - We are on the go again - This trip we are enjoying the North-east and the Fall Foliage - it is breathtaking - almost unbelievable. Come and see us if you get a chance.<p>Lots of Love - The Pinkstons crummy.com/writing/postcards/1

Dear Leonard<br /> I hope that you have a good time while I am in Las Vegas this week. I love you.<br />Da. crummy.com/writing/postcards/1

Dar Rachel,<br> It is hot here in Vegas, but it's nice. Hope you're fine. I love you.<br>Daddy<br>[angelfish sticker] crummy.com/writing/postcards/1

On an 8-island flight tour, I got to see Waimea Canyon on Kauai - from the co-pilot's seat. It was a beautiful sight - and even more dramatic darting about in such a little plane. crummy.com/writing/postcards/1

Dear Rachel,<br> This beautiful garden is right outside my window patio. The trees a[re] beautiful. I love you.<br>Daddy<br>[butterfly sticker] crummy.com/writing/postcards/1

Dear Susanna,<br> this is the hotel that I am staying in. I am on the 16th Floor. I have a nice view of the ocean.<br>I love you.<br>DADDY crummy.com/writing/postcards/1

On the way to Carlsbad Caverns from Deming today, we saw the fantastic formation looming above the desert. crummy.com/writing/postcards/1

Leonard and I took Jimmy and Dennis Keith and went to the Childrens' Concert at the Dorothy Changler Pavilion. <p>Rob Ogden was in the orchestra and arranged our tickets. It was an all Mozart program and the conductor dressed up as Mozart and gave some of his history. crummy.com/writing/postcards/1

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