Manassas National Battlefield Park<br> Virginia<br> Statue of Stonewall Jackson <p>Thomas Jonathan Jackson received the nickname of "Stonewall" near this spot on the Henry Hill during the heavy fighting of the Battle of First Manassas, 21 July 1861, when General Barnard Bee shouted "Look there's Jackson standing like a stone wall! Rally behind the Virginians!" <p>Photo by &copy; Ed Elvidge

Today we experienced Hearst Castle - the first full day of our Super Activity - It was great fun and very interesting. The boys (Mario Canton, Steven Geisler, Katiah Gary, Paul Boswell, Daniel Martin, Kyung Hu Choe) had all protested, but all really enjoyed it.

(LEONARD) Daddy and I rode the bus to Westwood to see the dentist. He said my teeth were okay. We saw this beautiful postcard and bought it at the gift shop.

Leonard, Susanna, Rachel and I went to the Natural History Museum today and spend 1 hr, 40 min. viewing the displays. Leonard & Susanna really enjoyed the Gem Exhibit which they visited for the first time.

Dear Roy,<p>When Bob told me about your mission call I realized I hadn't replied to your letter.<p>I can't tell you how touched and pleased I was by it. It was so lovely.<p>You may know more than I do...

We spent the night in Roswell at a decent motel - good sleep before long drive to Albuquerque and Glendale, Utah.

Kingsley, Mimi and we drove to a ghost town outside of Springdale (Grafton) and looked at the old buildings. We passed through lovely Springdale and beautiful Zion Park.

I went to the Natural History Museum with Daddy while Leonard went to his geology class at the Museum of Science and Industry. We saw many beautiful butterflies.

I took Leonard and Rachel on a Whale Watch today. We went from Ports O'Call Village and saw 5 whales, 4 together in a pod. We then went by the Maritime Museum on the way home.

(LEONARD) We went to the Arboretum today and saw waterfall, fountains, jungles, lakes with ducks and geese, and lots of flowers and grass and trees. There were peacocks roaming around all over the place.

Today I received an unexpected, but much needed and much appreciated bonus. So Frances, Leonard, Susanna, Rachel and I all went out to Carls Jr. for dinner and then to Thrifty for an ice cream cone. It's beginning to look and feel like Christmas time.

Today saw the classic portrait of Jefferson, yesterday having admired the Jefferson Memorial. There are no blossoms in November, but the trees are beautiful in their fall colors.

Dear Susanna,<br> I found this beautiful cat postcard and I knew that you would like it. I love you.<br>Daddy

Ken Howard and I visited the Lincoln Memorial and were very impressed by its simple dignity and by the greatness of his words.

Paul Okuno drove me around - by Diamond Head, Hanauma Bay to the observation point where this picture was taken. The ocean was beautiful - also the vegetation. I hope to go to Laie next time.

(LEONARD) I went to a museum with Mommy and Daddy and the little puce and we saw dinosaurs that were cars before. <p>There was a Tyranosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Dimetrodon.

I am in San Diego for the Software AG International Users' Conference and I have seen these trolley running in Downtown San Diego.

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