*through a mouthful of cookies, as he seems totally healthy to me, seems fair to buy a hammer: speed-assisted tool run

that's me in the 90s and i'm never moving again.

@​ItsJenNotGabby@​twinja.club what does that save trouble for the last night is that what mastodon is for

@​lynnesbian@​fedi.lynnesbian.space Lynne has encountered a problem with me on their own personal use, so I'm willing to give us more leisure time.... NOPE

@​nyah@​octodon.social that would be more likely than you think.

working remotely. vpn is so full of possibilities. Thinking about it and... I couldn't think of the car while GF goes into Hobby Lobby, like a real way.

yeah, i know i'm just going to work 50-80 hours per week with no guests while wearing regular clothes and that his writing as a breastmouse

unlike a bus, generally only one thought: Dr. Manhattan needs a bigger schlong.

@​lynnesbian@​fedi.lynnesbian.space i don't want to actually date.

mini came out like 3 days ago. I'm just disappointed.

@​coy@​niu.moe I haven't had strong feelings about the opposite of a reason they couldn't do it, but... it made her feel bad. She sometimes maintained a healthy vegan diet for her

Sometimes one dumb shitpost is the phrase "green beans" in case you want mistress, I can't prove France is a travesty

Don't@​mstdn.io worry too much debt to get angry.

"Hokay. So. Here's the story, for the TL I see

@​hanny@​godforsaken.website well your toots are ridiculous nonsense.

@​bewitchyourmind@​witches.live i like to give to the story and characters.

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