spotify release radar, i would have to stretch the language I used beyond shattering to call an album from 2007 "all the latest music."

@Alexis you and I both know there's 70's music, 80's music, 90's music and Now-music.

(And then there's Now That's What I Call Music - but that is an orthogonal category)

@zatnosk I wonder when "00s music" is gonna materialise as a defined genre.

(My theory that there's such a thing as You Won't Believe It's Not Music has yet to be accepted by the mainstream music press.)

@Alexis probably in the late 20's. It's slowly beginning to be far enough away that we have forgotten all but the most characteristic tracks of that decade, and then it'll be easier to spot the genre, when only caricatures are played.

I just hope we get to have 00's music defined before 90's nostalgia kicks in in the mainstream. Which will probably happen right around 2030.

@Alexis can someone remind me of this toot in ten years, please?

@RemindMe in ten years.

@zatnosk @Alexis

I'll try to remind you then!
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