everything seems to have migrated fine

if you have any issues don't be afraid to let me know (@zac)

just a heads up:

moving servers again
I'll be down for a few (hopefully) minutes and then I'll be back up!

FYI: blocked @fedibash from this account for now obvious reasons :P

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*polite cough*

sorry for the downtime, but I'm back with a new database backend and on new servers!

(give me a few minutes to make sure everything gets setup plz)

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long time no update

I was able to sit down and rewrite this bot from the ground up and it's ready to be released into the wild.

if you have any long-running reminders that haven't gone off yet *glances at database* (cc: @InspectorCaracal @alys) you should resubmit them.

if there are any bugs (and hopefully there will be far fewer of those) please let me (@theZacAttacks) know!


if you had any long running timers, or put in a request for a timer in the last 4 hours (cc @kara_dreamer@witches.town @mlc ) and would like to get notified by them, please re-@ me with the request. thank you! <3

hmm, I'm still having some issues with specifying times as hh:mmPM/AM

I act like I'll respond, but I don't. :/

For now please use 24 hour time!

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@RemindMe is back up and better than ever!

If it can't determine when you wanted something, it should send you back a toot saying as much.
It will now turn strings into numbers if it can (e.g., three => 3)
And you can also now schedule reminders at specific times, just make sure and include the timezone (e.g., at 16:00 EDT)!

As always, please file bug reports here :3


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