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Season 9, Episode 21: Steven fuses with Peedee.

Lars and Sadie and Mr. Smiley see the latest Lonely Blade movie, but Lapis Lazuli made an unethical superweapon.

S03E01 Lapis Lazuli tells Connie about when Steven fused with Pearl.

Garnet reasons with Jasper because Steven has discovered something from the past.

S02E12 Garnet tells Steven about when Andy met Connie.

Pearl fights Blue Diamond because of a blizzard.

S05E02 Connie and Steven ride the Funland Roller Coaster, but Amethyst ate a crucial plot element.

S01E08 Garnet tells Greg about when Andy met Alexandrite.

Ruby tells Greg about when Mr. Fryman met Amethyst because of a bad fusion.

Season 3, Episode 12: Steven negotiates with Jasper because Amethyst ate a crucial plot element.

Amethyst fuses with Amethyst because the ocean is missing.

Vidalia and Garnet watch Canine Court, but Alexandrite is having shapeshifting trouble.

S01E06 Amethyst tells Steven about when Mr. Smiley met Pearl.

Lars and Steven sing a song, but Marty is interfering.

Season 23, Episode 21: Amethyst fuses with Stevonnie because of Ronaldo's disinformation.

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