Smoky Quartz tells Connie about when Steven met Ruby.

Amethyst tells Steven about when Bismuth fused with Ruby because of an unethical superweapon.

Pearl tells Steven about when Greg assisted in Jamie's upbringing.

Peedee buys food from Lars, but Holly Blue Agate is looking for Greg.

Season 2, Episode 12: Bismuth negotiates with the Ruby squad because people are disappearing.

Season 3, Episode 7: Sadie and Sapphire play Citchen Calamity, but Pearl is having shapeshifting trouble.

S01E16 Steven and Steven interact with forest wildlife.

Season 1, Episode 24: Peridot tells Steven about when Pearl met Connie because of excessive structural damage.

Season 4, Episode 23: Pearl tells Steven about when Pearl fought Topaz.

Amethyst fuses with Steven because of a callous disregard for sentient life.

Connie and Steven see the latest Lonely Blade movie, but the ocean is missing.

S02E20 Greg and Sour Cream go for a walk, but Bismuth is looking for Centipeetle.

Season 5, Episode 3: Peridot fights Bismuth.

S02E21 Smoky Quartz records an audio diary, but people are disappearing.

S04E16 Sapphire tells Connie about when Yellowtail assisted in Lars's upbringing because of Lion doing something weird.

Pearl fuses with Garnet because of a haunted house.

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