Ruby tells Connie about when Pearl fused with Garnet.

Garnet fuses with Stevonnie because Garnet is having shapeshifting trouble.

Season 5, Episode 10: Connie and Steven apply queer Marxist-feminist dialectic to their favourite books, but Marty is interfering.

Steven fuses with Garnet because of a bad fusion.

S01E21 Garnet tells Steven about when Steven fused with Garnet.

Pearl fuses with Garnet to fight the Ruby squad.

Connie and Amethyst print and distribute T-shirts.

S04E03 Connie and Pearl sing a song, but Bismuth is building an army of corrupted gems.

Garnet tells Steven about when Mr. Fryman assisted in Lars's upbringing.

Garnet fights Malachite because Peridot made an unethical superweapon.

Season 1, Episode 6: Greg and Steven ride the Funland Carousel.

Sardonyx negotiates with Peridot because of an unethical superweapon.

Garnet tells Connie about when Ruby fused with Garnet.

Season 2, Episode 16: Opal fuses with Amethyst because Marty is interfering.

Steven and Garnet form an underground wrestling tag team, but the Pizzas and the Frymans are at war.

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