"My absolutely amazing dog Barley went over the rainbow bridge today at the age of 16. I took this a few years ago when her favourite animal was in the box, can you guess what it is? Winner gets serotonin"

by MMaesd

"As long as they are getting attention they love it"

by International_Hat993

"The face you make when you have zero regrets about digging through the wet mulch [oc]"

by MomsterJ

"Lucy stops to check out how beautiful she is. We lost her a year later at age 17. Miss you, girl."

by editormarilyn

"I gave her a toy and she just grabbed it and laid there. Big baby."

by Poofy_

"found a great picture of my childhood dogs today. So thankful for all the memories. RIP puppers"

by Yashel

"I've had dogs, they don't get any smarter than Ollie..."

by Empty-Rich6662

"Arwen’s fortune? She eats the cookies because I have celiac disease, so is it her fortune or mine?"

by beanybean1810

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