His mind was more seriously engaged by the general direction of the posts and arsenals of the empire.

He ordered Carrie's trunk sent to the depot, where he had it sent by express to New York.

Standing or sitting about in the hot sunshine, people stared at him without stint.

Is it sunshine to cheer and lighten the hearts of others?

Those low and barren tracts were the outlying marches of the empire.

Can wisdom be put in a silver rod, Or love in a golden bowl?

The ass was the ambassador of the empire, and the mole appointed inspector-general of the whole administration.

The air felt cold upon the river, but it was a bright day, and the sunshine was very cheering.

Thus, before the birth of Bacon, the empire of the scholastic philosophy had been shaken to its foundations.

The king took this as evidence that the prophet had approved the worship of the golden calves.

Is it sunshine to cheer and lighten the hearts of others?

It was the wrath of the Madonna that caused just such a flood in New Mexico long years ago.

The great chamberlain, the margrave of Brandenburgh, presented, after the repast, the golden ewer and basin, to wash.

His frocktails winked in bright sunshine to his fat strut.

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