next time @PleaseCaption asks me to caption an image when the post it's attached to describes the it, i'm going to fucking yeet it into the sun

@sunsetmoth Hi there, currently the bot checks whether there is a caption for the media. It doesn't know if the text with it describes the media or not.

Do you think there is a way we could improve it?

Also if you you don't wanna any more messages you can leave unfollowed the bot. Sorry for any spam!

@PleaseCaption Hm, nothing you can do about that, I'm afraid. Although something that would help is the ability to mark any DM as "resolved" and have it go away (by favoriting it, maybe?) because the main reason I dislike getting these, important or not, is that they sit in my notifications a long time and are highlighted the whole time.
Now, don't get me wrong, despite all my complaining the bot IS very helpful and I'm glad it exists.


@sunsetmoth I like the favourite idea, I'll have a look into it

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