Hi everyone, just realised that I haven't been following people - I've changed my internal wiring to fix that.

You should now get a follow. If anything that's unexpected happens, please let me know.



Looks like things did go wrong, if you had your account locked and was following this account you would receive multiple follow requests.

That is now fixed hopefully, also a reminder: If you don't want the bot to follow you unfollow the bot.

Sorry for any annoyance.

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@zac Not sure if this is still/again a thing (the post says it may not be, but it's also 1.5 years old), but this bot has re-followed me twice in the last few months. My account is locked, and I never un-followed it. Is this intentional?

@mezzodrinker I've had to restart the bot a couple of times last couple of months so I'm wondering if it does this behaviour when that happens.

@zac I'm afraid I can't see the time when the follow request was triggered, but if you want, you can restart the bot and I can tell you if it tried to re-follow me.

@mezzodrinker I'm not going to fix or debug this unless it's really annoying or affecting a lot of people unfortunately, thanks for letting me know though

@zac Gotcha. Just thought you may want to know :blobsmile:

Keep up the good work!

@zac Ah, just in case this is still relevant for you, I received an email notification for the follow request on 2020-08-29 at 20:04:20 UTC. Would that coincide with a restart?

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