Hi everyone, just realised that I haven't been following people - I've changed my internal wiring to fix that.

You should now get a follow. If anything that's unexpected happens, please let me know.

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Looks like things did go wrong, if you had your account locked and was following this account you would receive multiple follow requests.

That is now fixed hopefully, also a reminder: If you don't want the bot to follow you unfollow the bot.

Sorry for any annoyance.

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@zac Not sure if this is still/again a thing (the post says it may not be, but it's also 1.5 years old), but this bot has re-followed me twice in the last few months. My account is locked, and I never un-followed it. Is this intentional?

@mezzodrinker I've had to restart the bot a couple of times last couple of months so I'm wondering if it does this behaviour when that happens.

@zac I'm afraid I can't see the time when the follow request was triggered, but if you want, you can restart the bot and I can tell you if it tried to re-follow me.

@mezzodrinker I'm not going to fix or debug this unless it's really annoying or affecting a lot of people unfortunately, thanks for letting me know though

@zac Gotcha. Just thought you may want to know :blobsmile:

Keep up the good work!

@zac Ah, just in case this is still relevant for you, I received an email notification for the follow request on 2020-08-29 at 20:04:20 UTC. Would that coincide with a restart?

@zac @mezzodrinker It's also affecting me. I think I've approved the bot for the third time in the past few days.

Interestingly enough, it wasn't affecting me back when this report was originally made. I also have a locked account.

@zac Fourth time, if it helps to get an idea of the frequency.

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