Don't forget: To me you, my dearest, are always passing!

Hey! When you get home I'll cook something tasty for you.

Wow! You, my love, should show the world what you're working on. They'll love it.

Hey! I'll smooch you, my dearest, when you get home.

Don't forget: You, my friend, bring the right kind of passion into my life.

Don't forget: You, my dearest, are doing your best and I appreciate it a lot!

You, my love, are creating something wonderful and it shows how much effort you put into it.

The way you care for me is everything I ever needed.

Wow! Don't worry too much about the future. Sometimes it's good to think in the now as well.

Hey! You are such a wonderful person and I appreciate you being around me so much.

Don't forget: You, my friend, can finish it. I believe in you.

Don't forget: When I'm with you I truly feel at home.

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