Photography just gets us out of the house – William Eggelston

You don’t take a photograph. You ask quietly to borrow it - Unknown

The important thing is, you have to have something important to say about the world - Paul Strand

Big game photography in Africa is mainly done from a vehicle, so then I feel I might as well take the lot - Nigel Dennis

Photography deals exquisitely with appearances, but nothing is what it appears to be - Duane Michals

Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow - Imogen Cunningham

With photography a new language has been created. Now for the first time it is possible to express reality by reality. We can look at an impression as long as we wish, we can delve into it and, so to speak, renew past experiences at will - Ernst Haas

Do what the client wants, not what you want - Elliott Erwitt

Without vision, the photographer perishes - David duChemin

You don’t take a photograph. You ask quietly to borrow it - Unknown

I'll always be an amateur photographer - Elliott Erwitt

If you want to be a better photographer, stand in front of more interesting stuff - Jim Richardson

Photography is about finding out what can happen in the frame. When you put four edges around some facts, you change those facts – Garry Winogrand

You know, I really don’t think you learn from teachers. You learn from work. I think what you learn, really, is how to be- you have to be your own toughest critic, and you only learn that from work, from seeing work – Garry Winogrand

A good photograph is one that communicates a fact, touches the heart and leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it. It is, in a word, effective - Irving Penn

The negative is the equivalent of the composer's score and the print the performance -Ansel Adams

Everyone has a photographic memory, but not everyone has film - Author Unknown

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