Now have my #homeserver running #Proxmox! Have setup a couple things in containers. Loving it! So much easier to manage overall. I had some trouble getting #Nextcloud set up and successfully passing a disk through to the container but finally got it done! Then ran into some issues with getting it to run over SSL with a self signed cert. Lots of redos and frantic forum browsing later I have learned a ton and have a working install. Love that I can spin something up and play worry free now!


I'm running a Proxmox-Server and had several tries to find an easy and safe way to run a Nextcloud-Instance. For me the best way was to install a Ubuntu 20.04 Server and start a Nextcloud-Snap-Instance. Updates are running in the background without any troubles.
Getting an letsencrypt-certificate works out of the box.

@OlliausStuhr ahh yeah, I ran up against many walls trying to get it setup in a container. I came very close to doing exactly as you did. A VM with the snap. I finally was able to get it going nicely after much learning and experimenting. I had issues getting a data disk passed through to the container and getting SSL to work. Had to learn a bit about apache site syntax to get SSL working. had some issues with permissions on the data disk. Had to give the disk to the www-data user.

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