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fun. Although Cruis'n USA
contains only a few graph-
ics changes from the origi-
nal arcade hit, no new fea-
tures were added nor

Clones in the Sewers below
Athletown until you get the
Lightning Sword. After your first
attempt, which will be unsuccessful,
go to Kingland and talk to Dr. Justice

You can tell where
the Piranhas are
going t<
because you’ll see

Summer ‘95
Fall ‘95
Summer ‘95
Spring ‘95
Spring ‘95

trigger a mechanism that
opens access to a bridge. The bridge will take you to a
mountain sanctuary and
one step closer to a piece of
the machine.

circuit. Soon you’ll be reprogramming T-800 Terminators with ease!
The re-programming of a T-800 is done in
three steps. Connect the wires before the
timer runs out. To function properly, the
circuitry must be fully connected when the

A Battle Df Olympus
B Castlevania m j
C Crystalis D Mission: Impossible
E Snake’s Revenge C
F Solar Jetman

Game Boy, which was one of the earliest stack-'em-
ups to build upon Tetris's classic formula. Dr. Mario
added colors to coordinate and viruses to eliminate,
refocusing strategy on specific locations— where
you build and whitde is more important than keep-

a character at the end of a stage.
Ooooh! I \ <
just love l ) all these ' 'cuddly tvuddly
Watch out for Monty's knockout

Virtual Pool 64 is deep in development and!
NINTENDO POWER on-schedule. Crave also plans to develop Nf»4
games based on Asteroids and Balllezone for a
late '99 release. On the Game Boy Color front.
Crave is working on Gex i-D and Pitfall i-D,

up on Flood Zone's lethal
rooftop level.
Use the missile launcher or
other explosive devices to take out

Eric Welch
Matt Dixon
Ryan Dwyer Akron, OH
Lambertville, NJ
Meridian, ID

down and drop up, there’s lots to explore. The Space
level is your chance to get used to zero-gravity. In
this area, the spins aren't as fast and the bad guys
aren't as bad as they will be in others.
Looking for bonuses? The game has many secret

After you’ve played a
level several times,
you can try the Time
I Trial Mode. Each
level has a different

expect from a Super NES Pak. The result is exciting new games with a familiar feel.
SUPER OFF ROAD Super Off Road from Tra-
dewest looks sophisticat-
ed and sounds sophisti-
cated, but the action is

Charlie Wehner
Cape Girardeau, MO H i. My name is Donna Saxton
and I think I'd be kind of
considered a Power Player.
I don't want to brag but, to me, this

utilizes slides and double jumps.
Stage 8
Luke's best attacking technique
is to jump and spin while using

ing chasms. If he falls, that's it for
Ryu. Above the fourth moving
platform is a 1-Up, but to reach it
you must jump up to the top of the
platform and battle the flying

where prohibited by law. This contest is subject to all federal, state,
and local laws and regulations.
VOLUME 47 99 The big news this month is the debut of Star Fox at number four on the Super NES chart. Super Mario
Land 2 — 6 Golden Coins stays on top by quite a margin and Tecmo Super Bowl edges out the com-
petition again this month. 100 NINTENDO POWER ® 20

the much prettier Modern mode featuring today's top Nintendo
characters. The games include Fire, Manhole, Octopus and Oil
Panic. In each, the task is something simple, like stealing the trea-
sure that is guarded by the Octopus, saving people jumping out of
windows in Fire, placing the manhole cover on the holes to prevent

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