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person who has been a long time smoker. To make matters
worse, the tobacco company has implanted hundreds of
mini robots to insure that you fail. Rex Ronan is a true
departure in the world of Super NES games, being both fun
to play and informative on a subject of vital importance to

Gauntlet D for Game Boy guarantees
that you will find no peace of mind
until you visit all 100 levels. Mind-
scape's newest version of the
arcade classic remains true to its

Deceit— your first goals.
Cavern of Deceit
Easy Money
Follow the earn money jaa
quickly and safely. The extra bucks will come

near the Deku altar.
the Deku Flower in the middle of
the room. Burrow into it, then
launch into the air to hover to the

Star’s computer network and bring up a map of the ele-
vator maze. This can be helpful in finding your way to
the tractor beam core. Once there, it takes eight shots to
destroy the beam’s power source. After you have des-
troyed the Tractor Beam, rescue Leia and escape from the

breaks computing into simple tasks that can be calculated much f aster than
they could be with tr aditional processor
designs. Since the major workload of creat-
ing complex graphics comes from recalcu-
lating pixel positions, the lightning-fast RISC

matic hue and the music sounds
like it’s coming from an old
phonograph machine when Plok
dreams of Legacy Island.
I. MACE COVE 2. FOOL’S GAP Lily Mace is after Plok. It’s not that she means

tudes with this move! Press
Down twice, then press Punch
or Strong Punch.

uk jk mrt in utontokM
■ Agent #207 # Mission One Magic Here are some tricky moves that may not help
you advance in the game, but they are fun to
watch. When you meet the Lopars, knock one of
them down just in front of the ladder on the left

The sacrifice might be worth it in the long run.
T he Knight guarding the main
gate at x!2, yO keeps you
from exiting until you've

Tonawanda, NY
Arnaudville, LA 24,395 21,235 14,080 ■ DISNEY'S DUCK TALES (NES) ■ NARC Luis Vazquez
Trevor Bazil
Beth Denson Miami, FL
Rigby, ID

what might be hidden
Many treas-
ures are hid-

BIG licensing move, has acquired the
rights to make John Madden Football
for both the NES and Game Boy. VOLUME 50 111
This summer’s CES in Chicago proved to be one of the

W X 1 1 [ , £' V/ V * ■M YOUR SECRET HEADQUARTERS FOR THE COOLEST CODES ON THE PLANET TANX FOR THE SECRETS. YOU'RE WELCOME. Just so you can tell that the sequel to BartleTanx is
L/[y even more explosive, unforgiving and brutal than
the original, 3DO has chosen a teddy bear that’s seen the
wrong end of a cannon as Global Assaults mascot. But just
because the unfortunate stuffed toy looks like it desperately

the first door, then open
the chest to get thejewel.
| Red Jewel 48 Exit the second Dark
Space in the Pyramid as
Will, then enter the first

ms. Never far from trouble, jimmy Olsen gets
in hot water in the parking garage of his
own workplace. Darkseid, in his bid for
galactic domination, has added the Daily
Planet to his list of cosmic conquests.

of trouble to get into. The only problem is you
couldn't see trouble if it walked up to you and
whacked you with a cement truck.
jj|| large objects in Grand Theft Auto look
amazingly good, but the player character

time to hit them with the Power Off Tackle (or the
Counter, which is run the opposite way) and remind
them that you have excellent Running Backs in the
backfield. Another good time to use this play is when
your QBs are both low on energy and you don't want

mmirllm «s©
« «*§
A modern island adventurer won't need to
rely upon only his fists. Search carefully

monitor, a Super NES cable link and a Game Pak.
Your Pak Racer climbed onto a developmental version
of the contraption and started to sweat. The video por-
tion of the exercise turns out to be central to the expe-
rience, because you find yourself on a course racing other video cyclists. Throughout the race, you can

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