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new version of Phantron before reaching the Core Brain. Then you must
pass through a long, dangerous passage before reaching the final enemy.
The cannons on the space station fire lasers, but you
should aim for the center structure. Stealth (or
transparent) ships are invincible until they show their

1 4 - west of Hyotoko Satina. Hit it
I with your weapon and you’ll
I .easily be able to break down this
I rice, paper ba?ric£de to reveal a
I secret area. The room is filled

tell you what'fo
expect as you
descend deeper into
this lair of evil. Caverns
You won't find any roaming enemies in the caverns, but that's only because they have the^f

close to being as good as
the N64. The games are
good, but they take forever
to load! I hate loading! I
calculated the loading time

as the timer ticks down ten
seconds. Press the Start
Button to continue. Add power to your attack with a super lightning bolt
that will blast all of the enemies on the screen. Press
and hold the B Button for

Konami’s item collection game. Each level offers a maze of varying complexity that you must negotiate to steal all the presents.
Avoid the Whos, or they’ll spoil your big rip-off by making you feel love in your heart. Happiness Heist The trusting Whos have left
their presents sitting out in
the open, so all you need to do
is grab them without getting

ing the pyramid
has the effect
of resetting the
power-up items
inside. So if

Substitution option. If the meter
shows that he's a quarter or more
low, substitute another player for a
few downs.
Sometimes you can break a tackle this

You can draw anything with the
program and add motion to
your masterpieces with an
animation feature.
WIZARDRY 2 Another classic PC role-playing series. Wizardry, will be getting its

1 *TT| How can Jerry reach the Items
on the building’s highest
ledge? Look for a hidden ledge
to the left using the Scan fea-
ture, then super jump to it.

and luml down
the tanged duo.
Use the Purification Stone i
the troubled waters in the
lowest hall of the .

already. For gamers new to the
world of adventure. Epic Center
will cover new titles in depth with
map.s, strategies to get you started
H ogre battle INVADES THE U.S. Injapan, Ogre Battle became one

every day. That game is Super Smash Bros. We can’t stop playing it. And since
our competition is so tough, we need you to help us answer a question. Who's the
best character? And why? Let us know before someone over here gets hurt! NINTENDO POWER PLAYER’S PULSE
P.0. BOX 97033
REDMOND, WA 98073-9733

tunc, which can wake inanimate
objects. Return to Mabc Village,
equip the Level 2 Power Bracelet and
push the Weathercock's stone up to
uncover a set of stairs. Go down the

Hayden Fox, has been described as a self-
centered, blustering but fundamentally
goodhearted man. How are you similar to
or different from “Coach?” CTN: I am dynamically different from the
character I play on “Coach.” Our lifestyles

tured animated scenes and quick deci-
sion game play is being developed by
CSG Imagesoftforlaterthis year. They’re
also working on a soccer game. Wrestle-
mania is being developed for Game Boy

Manuscript. He tells you that he's going to play it in the Ballroom. WHAT INGREDIENTS DO I NEED
Poor Pugsley! He's stuck in a secret passage, and you have to make
a special potion to get him out. The secret recipe calls for three spe-
cial ingredients, which you have to find.

buried bunch of bananas.
Millstone Mayhem
Rubber Roll After the Golden 0,
you'll find a tire that
you can roll. Jump onto

have to glow for it! MINDSCAPE
Super Mario Land 2 Nintendo
When Mario returns to
Game Boy in Super Mario Land 2 this
fall, the biggest surprise may be Mario

at least $7 5,000 just to get one game developed. This
is not including any production or marketing costs.
IN THE FUTURE Although all the developers we talked to enjoy creating games for the NES
and Game Boy, they were also excited about the potential of Nintendo's 16-bit
system. Many had projects in the works, and we can't wait to see them. Not only does the 16-bit system offer us new game play possibilities, but

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