the forces of fun. But let's face it, fun is better than
reality, especially when reality is as uninspiring as
a flopping fish. If you haven't jumped on the bass
bandwagon yet, BMC: Pro Edition may be your best
bet. Look for the game to appear in stores this June.

steps, call on the Lemming handy-
man, the Builder. You have to
keep a close watch on him,
though. He’ll pound away for a
while, then walk off the job

A has gone before!
They hired ' 4 - len of the .Jm Y S' most famous ^ voice actors * ^tXJ and act rases .JgSB
in Japan to ~ WBW " * breathe life • JK into the 4nain — 3 characters. 1^5 These voice
specialists are renowned for - j their work in ^^5 popular ani- 1 mated films
called OAVs (Original Animation Videos), and their

Ganon! Not Ganon!" Turning to Tara,
he confided, "Tara, I don't know
what to do. These are the baddest
villains yet and I'm just one guy." "Brett," replied Tara calmly taking
his hand. "I don't know too much

skate shop for the time
of your life. Buy a fresh
deck to increase your
skating rapidity.
Shoes are a most

of Medina to the prehistoric jungles
where reptites battle early humans for
dominance. In the end, you must help
right a terrible wrong.
Magic al

-she'll get in the way while you're sneak-
ing around, and you'll fail at your
mission if she is injured.
Stealth is your key to winning. Use your
watch magnet to get the throwing knives.

world. Electro, the Sandman, Mysterio, Hobgoblin, the
Vulture and Dr. Octopus are featured. RFflRRF I h’ s 8 reat t0 see Spider-Man finally make it to the
NES. The graphics are good and the villains are
great, but play control is a little rough.

line breakers to rising wisps of
chimney smoke are authentically
rendered. The abundance of scenery
will keep players logging endless flight
hours exploring their world.

The Mermaid mentions the
Mirage Tower. Listen closely

quest that spans nine levels of this
uncharted territory, Sub-Zero will
have to solve puzzles and scour hid-
den areas to find items that can
strengthen his attributes. MK's requi-

at Prehistorik Man for the Super
NES and some funky caveman
action. Atlus had a street-fighter
called Power Instinct and Psygnosis
had a Super NES Mouse compatible

knocked off. ’ It s a long climb/tb the top,
but if you make all the right
moves, you'Heventually find
yourself standing on top of a
challenge tower, pitted

• ».. more punch. you ca n real-
ly knock the silicon socks off a reploid if
you carefully time the twin blasts
to generate a gigantic cross-

Charles Harring
Jeff Yee
Sherri Louis Dallas, TX
Holiday, FL
Calgary, AB

iced-over hole at point 8. * let you know when you’re
Inside the grotto is close to the snow boul- another hot spring. der that houses the Goron Elder.
The Goron Elder will
teach you a few notes of
the Goron Lullaby. If you

Jumping from leaf to leaf over the water at this point
requires lots of practice. It seems to help if you jump
as you walk towards , — the leaf When you arc ■i'fi ■ m 1 J end K im,- w>u n 1 1 : i | ■ H hut easy once you get the timing down. |
Jump straight up
on this leaf and you

er movement isn’t as impressive, and the AI will often
make poor decisions on both offense and defense.
Overall play doesn’t compare to the experience of Ken
Griffeyjr. Presents Major League Baseball or MLBPA
Baseball. We’ll take a closer look at Super R.B.I. Baseball

diagonally forward. a straight diagonal path.
The Knight moves in an
1" shaped path, as
shown in the photograph.
Rooks can move any

when you begin. Speed is important, and so is • ig a close eye on your computer oppo- . They will often bump into your bike and
nents. iiievwi>iu.ici.uu.
send you head over heels.
Each course is plainly marked, and you can take
shortcuts at certain points. Be careful with

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