Tournament Mode will also
earn you power-ups that
enhance your motorcycle's
performance. Rough Rides If you don't feel like
entering a tournament

When you are selecting one of
the various stages, you slide the

every hole in the stage, but there's an easy
and elegant way to solve this puzzle.
From the beginning of the stage,
burrow underground. It doesn't
matter where you start to dig

Chozo were never seen again.
This message from the Overdog
led to the grand finale. Reconnaissance teams have reported
a huge massing of enemy warships
near the planet Inteira. It is

hurdle. It's kind <Jf! scaly, but try
to attack the hurdle, jf you do
that, you've got a good edge
because lots toff ' you rasters just
run slraightuj£"

Jumping high and
running quick are
useful abilities to umnmx,
have, when fighting bosses. ------

Turtle Cannons relentlessly fire
this living, deadly projectile at
Mario. Another spooky inhabitant of
Fortresses, Stretch lives inside
weird white blocks.

chests are yours to keep after you're done
Check your belongings at the entrance to Anything found in a red chest is yours to
the Ancient Cave. You'll get everything use inside the cave, but anything found in
back when you return to the surface. a blue chest is yours to keep. "Be sure to buy a Roll and some Bait

The Water Elemental After you survive all of the wide gaps, evil creatures and
spikes of the dungeon, you will take on the Water Elemen-
tal, a large mass of swirling liquid. Use the Freeze spell to
stop the Elemental for a moment, then attack.

For some reason, all of the computers in back on line to complete Stage 3. Watch
the park are down. You’ll have to figure your back— the dinosaurs in this area are
out what the problem is and get all of them becoming very aggressive. NO CAKE WALK
This stage is much more heavily reptiled

A quick trip to the Dwarf Cave
reveals that Astos stole the
Crystal from Matoya, which
she needs to regain her sight. When the Light Warriors have
reached Level 8 or 9 they

conveniently build these palaces doesn’t faze the ants for a
moment. Your goal will be to colonize enough areas of the
yard to reach the house and thus make your dream come
Initially, your bigg§st obstacle to expansion will not be

IncariT ruins, then cut youtjl
speed before you slide into
the tight turns through Jhe I
jungle. You'll lead the pack if J
you drive around the jaEimps, J

they don't provide a
good playing per-
spective. For that,
you must use the
higher camera posi-

Babs mentioned that you
could change Buster into a
cloud of smoke, right? Well,

Your party can now
persuade Hector by
using the Symbol.
Go to the Cave of Betrayal to get
the Symbol of Faith.

simpler contest between pitching and
batting. The second problem with
Baseball Tonight is the slow throwing
speed from the outfield. Once you
manage to pick up the ball, the throw

onto the floor tile. Now go to
the' second block from the
Tight. Push it down two
spaces onto the floor tile,
then push the right most

can hit the dash arrow.
Another danger comes
from the crush of other
machines as they close
around you. If you

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